Tsuritama Episode 2

Hey, we get an official opening now!


Haru continues living at Yuki’s home and continues to make Yuki’s life a living hell/embarrassment.  It’s not long before we’re introduced to another alien—this time, a girl who also happens to be Haru’s sister.  Haru’s sister is much less ditzy than he is, and also has water-gun-mind-controlling powers.  Haru and his sister trap Yuki on top of some kind of tower, and force him to help them find some kind of fish.  They need the fish to be able to return to their home planet, and it will also save the earth… somehow.

With Haru's affinity with fish, I'm surprised he has no qualms about eating them. But perhaps I'm thinking far too deeply into this...
As weird as Haru's fashion sense is, his sister outclasses him BY FAR.

Since Haru has noticed Yuki’s natural ability for hooking big fish, Haru drags Yuki into going fishing again.  Of course Natsuki also gets dragged along, to help the two learn how to fish as well as how to put together fishing equipment.  Natsuki’s lesson of the day is how to tie a uni-knot to keep the hook attached to the line.  Yuki, in his nervousness, ends up winging it and loses a rather big sea bass as a result.  Cue Natsuki berating Yuki, and Yuki running away due to his social anxiety.

I really like Yuki's grandmother. She's so cool!
I'm amazed that Natsuki can smile. I guess he's not as emo as I thought he was.

Yuki locks himself up in his room for the night, and Haru (distressed by the situation) has a chat with Yuki’s grandmother.  She tells Haru to give Yuki some space.  The advice works, as the next day Yuki is resolved to learn how to tie the uni-knot properly.  It takes some time, but he eventually does it.  He then strikes a deal with Haru: he will catch the fish for them, but in return Haru can’t use his water gun on him anymore.  Haru quickly agrees, though his sister is annoyed at the deal.

The next day at school, Yuki finally has the courage to confront Natsuki and actually talk to him (as before, he hadn’t said a word).  Instead of being angry, Natsuki is actually amazed.  Just as things look about to settle down, a new transfer student appears.  Despite being 25 years old (and carrying a duck), Akira states that he will be joining Yuki’s class.  As Yuki wonders what the hell is wrong with his school/the island, he notices that Haru looks scared of the strange new man.

New favorite character alert!

My Opinion:

This episode was a bit dull compared to the last one, but I think it was still a decent watch.  All anime seem to follow a common trend with the pacing of their first few episodes.  The first episode is usually wild and exciting, to draw in the viewers.  That leaves the second episode for explaining all the stuff that happened in the first episode, and to lay down the rest of the introduction to the story.  This episode of Tsuritama was definitely an explanation episode.

So Haru isn’t the only “alien” in this series!  I was actually surprised to find out about the new girl (who is also Haru’s sister).  Was her name ever even mentioned in this episode?  Anyway, she doesn’t seem to be as important a character as the four guys (Yuki, Haru, Natsuki, and Akira), but we’ll probably still see a lot more of her.  She works nicely as a foil to Haru.  Although she’s still relatively “genki,” she acts much more “normal” than her brother, even though she dresses more outlandishly than him.

And we finally get the name of that dude with the duck!  His name is Akira, and I think he may turn out to be one of my favorite characters.  Not much has been revealed about him yet (other than that he’s utterly wacky like half the cast in this series), so I can’t say anything about him at the moment.  But I’m sure that will change in the next episode, which seems set up for a lot of PLOT to happen.

Although we get a bit more information this episode about just what is going on, the story is still pretty vague.  At least I do know now that the main plot point revolves around fishing.  I never thought an anime about fishing could be so interesting, but Tsuritama manages to make it work.  There was quite a bit of fishing terminology thrown around here, actually; though I don’t think it will ever take up too much of the (future) episodes if that’s not your kind of thing.

Overall, the animation is still lovely (though it IS getting a bit quality in some places…), and the characters are still fun to watch.  This will probably turn out to be the weakest episode of the series, but it’s more entertaining than a lot of second episodes in other series I’ve seen.

Out of five:


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