Sengoku Collection Episode 3

Are you ready for a romance-drama?


The episode focuses on two characters this time; the general Kenshin and her retainer Kanetsugu.  Like the others, they also got warped to present day Tokyo.  Although they are still getting used to the modern day world, they seem to be fitting in fairly well.  Kenshin works as a model for magazine covers, while Kanetsugu stays at home to take care of their apartment and cook food.

Does she just walk around Tokyo with those floating wing-thingies? HOW DOES NOBODY QUESTION THEM?!

The longer they live in this world, the more Kenshin grows used to the peace.  Although Kenshin is perfectly happy in the new world, Kanetsugu grows uneasy at Kenshin throwing away her dream so easily; though part of her worry may also stem from a few personal issues…

Kanetsugu's ear-wings aren't really that conspicuous either...

In the end, Kanetsugu is forced to confront her inner tomoil.  What is it that she truly desires?

...and then Kanetsugu had wings.

My Opinion:

Although the last few episodes of Sengoku Collection have been more slice of life (despite featuring “generals of war”), this episode is probably the most laid-back of the bunch.  It plays out like a standard love drama.  Which could either be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes.

I do admit; it got a bit boring in some places.  But since the “drama” part was only stretched over one episode, it’s not too bad.  I guess how much you enjoy this episode will depend on how much you care about the two characters featured here; Kenshin and Kanetsugu.  Because the episode was split between two characters this time, they didn’t get to show off their respective personality as much as I would have liked.  However, I did like Kenshin’s somewhat breezy personality.  Kanetsugu’s was a little “eh” but it works well as a foil to Kenshin’s.

I really do like Kenshin's design. Honest.

The story of this episode could literally be summed up in one sentence: “A couple finds that they have differing ideals and must come to terms with it.”  That said, it’s never mentioned officially that Kenshin and Kanetsugu are “a couple.”  (Not like that’s going to stop shippers; and I also personally think that they’d make a cute couple.)  The conflict and ending for this episode may seem a bit lackluster to some.  There’s no real “threat” and the resolution isn’t as romantic as one would expect (based on how it was set up).  I think it’s okay, though.  Sengoku Collection was never really going to be THAT serious a series, so I’m willing to let it slide.

Overall, I feel pretty neutral about this episode.  It’s not bad, but there’s not much to talk about in the end.  The one thing I did really like about this episode was that Kenshin and Kanetsugu were portrayed like a couple, but minus a lot the fanservice that usually comes from yuri pairings, and minus the really heavy lovey-dovey stuff.

Anyway—bottom line is, if you are the type who can’t stand cheesy romance stuff, then feel free to skip this episode.  You won’t miss much.  The next episode seems to be an action-packed one, so my next review for this series should be a bit more exciting.

Out of five for this episode:

    and 1/2


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