Tsuritama Episode 3

Are you ready for some more INTENSE FISHING?!?


Natsuki once again teaches Yuki and Haru how to fish; this time the lesson is how to cast and aim the line.  Before Natsuki will teach the two anymore fishing skills, he states that they must learn how to cast the bait into a small red bucket.  Yuki and Haru are unsuccessful at this on their first day.

I really love the background here.

Later on, Yuki’s grandmother (Keito) says that she must go to the hospital for a little while.  Yuki gets upset about this and holes up in his room.  Haru doesn’t fully understand the implications of the situation, so he goes to talk with Keito one last time as she’s tending the garden.  Keito explains to Haru briefly about death, and expresses happiness that her grandson has a friend (in Haru).  Before she leaves for the hospital, she gives Haru a pot of flowers.

Keito is the best grandma. I really hope nothing bad happens to her by the end of this series...

The next day, after Keito gets dropped off at the hospital, Haru accidentally ends up offending Yuki by saying something inappropriate.  This causes Yuki to stay in bed for a whole day.  Even Natsuki (who went out of his way to visit Yuki), can’t bring Yuki out of his depression.  While Yuki is moping over a simple dinner, Haru talks to the flowers Keito gave him.  Being reminded of his grandmother’s words, Yuki gains the motivation to keep practicing casting the bait.

How'd the hell did they allow a 25 year old man to go to high school--especially a man who always carries around a duck.

It takes a while, but Yuki does master it, much to Natsuki’s surprise.  At the end of the day, it appears that Natsuki has become the duo’s close friend.  Meanwhile, Akira is still closely monitoring Haru.  Although Haru (and his sister) are still scared of Akira, he hasn’t really made a move nor revealed his true intentions yet.


My Opinion:

The nice thing about Tsuritama is how subdued the character development aspect of the series is.  We got a lot of character development from the main four here, though since nothing really “groundbreaking” happened this episode, it doesn’t feel like much at first.  But it’s there.

Natsuki is definitely showing himself to be a far more complex character than the “emo boy” I labeled him as in the first episode review.  Yuki and Haru are also developing in their own way; with Yuki learning how to be more sociable, and Haru learning more about human society.  I suppose Akira had the least “development” since he actually didn’t do too much this episode, but we do get a bit more insight into his personality.

Plot-wise, I think this series will stay at its slow pace.  There’s actually quite a bit of plot revelations this episode, but it almost felt like it wasn’t the main focus. Only small bits of Akira’s organization and Haru’s powers were mentioned in passing.  I don’t actually mind this, as it makes the episode easier to digest, and I guess it’s pretty fun to speculate about what exactly is going on.  Hopefully, this series won’t pull a Mawaru Penguindrum and not explain almost ANYTHING at the end.

The only thing I have to knock this episode on is the awfully clichéd ending.  It was pretty much obvious that Yuki would master the line casting at the end, but it was still played out as long as possible for “the drama.”  Also, the whole scene could be called “QUALITY YUKI ANIMATION TIME.”  But whatever.  It was sweet and cute.  Even though Yuki’s accomplishment seems rather mundane compared to other shonen protagonists’ more heroic feats, sometimes you just have to appreciate the small hurdles one overcomes.

Out of five for this episode:


No wonder Haru hated curry so much in the last episode, lol. (It makes sense in context)

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