Tsuritama Episode 4

The episode in which we find out Haru is friends with EVERYONE. Literally.


Keito is still in the hospital, so Yuki and Haru have to learn how to live together in order to maintain a peaceful household.  As can be expected, Haru still ends up causing a lot of trouble for Yuki.  While Haru and Yuki are practicing fishing one day, they meet up with Natsuki’s dad, who invites the duo to a meal at his restaurant.  Haru reveals that he’s not only friends with nearly everyone in town, but he’s also mainly in Enoshima to catch something “huge.”  It’s here that Yuki first senses some tension between Natsuki and his father, though it all goes over Haru’s head, as usual.

I find it hilarious how GODDAMN PISSED Akira looks here. Though to be fair, I’d be pretty bored watching Yuki and Haru’s antics all day too.

Later on, Natsuki takes the two out to the ocean to fish, and teaches them a new skill: how to lure fish with the bait.  Although Yuki ends up hooking yet another fish, he loses it again in a panic.  Around this point, Haru finally realizes Natsuki’s rocky relationship with his father, and uses his water-mind-control powers to get the father and son to fish together.  When Yuki finds out what Haru has done, he’s understandably angry, and tells Haru to just go back home to space.

Chesire cat-face Haru!
I wish we knew a bit more about Natsuki’s sister, Sakura. So far she’s pretty bland, I’m sorry to say.

Yuki ends up hanging out with Natsuki while Haru hangs out with Keito at the hospital.  Both Yuki and Haru are able to cool off and reflect on their actions in this way; and Yuki also lands his first fish.  After getting a photo of his catch on his phone, he runs home to show it to Haru.  To his surprise, Haru isn’t home.  This causes Yuki to go running through Enoshima looking for the alien boy.  When Yuki spots Haru, he believes that Haru has drowned himself and tries to save him.  Instead, because Yuki can’t swim, Haru ends up saving Yuki instead.  As the two dry off on land, they end up making up and are friends again.

From afar, Akira is shown to still be monitoring Haru, and briefly wonders if Haru’s purpose for coming to earth was just to make friends.

At this point, I’m wondering if Haru would WANT to go home after he finishes his mission on earth…

My Opinion:

Although this was a decent episode, I am becoming a bit worried.  Tsuritama is quickly becoming formulaic.  The fishing segments don’t actually bother me that much since they’re somewhat educational and interesting, but the handling of Yuki and Haru’s relationship could use work.  For the past three episodes, it’s been:  1) Yuki and Haru get into a fight because Haru doesn’t understand human society!  2) Haru goes talk to Keito while Yuki mainly just broods in his room.  3) Yuki and Haru make up again and it’s all happy times!  See what I mean?

I suppose it’s not that bad as far as episode formulas go, since the two are given chances for character development each episode at least.  But the gimmick does get really old, very quickly.  As such, even though the ending was rather sweet, I was still a bit annoyed at this episode.  It doesn’t really help that Tsuritama is such a laid back series—it just makes the episode boring when you can already predict the rest of the episode just from the first seven minutes of it!

Overall, this wasn’t a bad episode; it just wasn’t a very memorable one.  Since this series is only 11 episodes (why?! D:) I do hope that some more PLOT comes our way soon.  Hopefully now that Yuki has landed his first fish, things will start getting serious.

Out of five for this episode:

    and 1/2

(The next episode seems set up to be an Akira-heavy one; which makes me happy because he’s gotten the least focus out of the four main characters so far.  Also, I suppose I am a fangirl orz)

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