Tsuritama Episode 5

I wonder if we’ll ever get to know more about Akira’s agents?


It’s now summer vacation and Yuki (now a fishing enthusiast) wishes to own his own fishing rod as they were just borrowing them from the Hemmingway fishing shop owner before.  However, what Yuki never realized was just how EXPENSIVE fishing rods are.  Seeing how determined Yuki is, Natsuki decides to help them all get part time jobs on Ayumi’s fishing boat.  Akira also ends up tagging along, as a “client,” though he’s shown to have developed a major love of fishing in-between the last few episodes too.

Angry pink shirt gu–I mean, Ayumi!
Akira, just admit it: you need a hobby.

Yuki’s first day of work doesn’t go down too well, and he ends up embarrassing himself in front of a ton of people.  Fortunately, Ayumi is very forgiving and even tries cheering Yuki up at the end of the day.  Although he’s suffered a slight set-back, Yuki strives to better himself and ends up doing much better on subsequent days on the boat.  Slowly but surely, Yuki is learning to overcome his social anxiety and have fun.  Meanwhile, Akira is revealed to maybe be lonelier than he lets on…

Haru, the QUALITY ANIMATION makes your face look kind of weird…

My Opinion:

YES, Tsuritama broke free of their formulaic episode structure!  In this episode, the focus is much more Yuki, Natsuki, and maybe Akira.  Haru still has a presence with his hyperactive antics, but he seemed not as spotlight-stealing as in past episodes.  Also, Akira baby, come to my bosom.

This episode was a really nice, happy one.  Which is partially why I love watching Tsuritama so much—it has such a happy atmosphere!  All the characters are unbelievably nice, even the minor ones!  Ayumi was such an awesome “big brother” character.  It’s kind of funny now that he was only previously known as “angry pink shirt guy” before the debut of this and the last episode.  Even though a whole community being this kind to each other is really rare in real life, it’s nice to have an anime that inspires so many good feelings.

Yuki is developing wonderfully as a character, and he’s made a lot of big steps this episode.  Natsuki’s also had a lot of character development, though it’s more subtle.  It’s really sweet to see that he considers Yuki and Haru his friends now.  IT’S JUST REALLY SWEET TO SEE THEM ALL AS FRIENDS OKAY.  Now for Akira to shed his cold demeanor and join them.

Overall, a really good episode!  Not much happens “plot” wise, but there are spades and spades of character development from nearly all the mains (barring Haru).  The animation is still flitting between semi-high quality and QUALITY but what can you do?  (Just wait for the blu-rays, basically)

Anyway, out of five for this week’s episode:



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