Tsuritama Episode 6


You guys don’t know how hard it was not to just make all the caps in this review Akira-centered. YOU DO NOT KNOW.


As summer vacation continues, Yuki continues to work part-time on Ayumi’s fishing boat.  When he gets news that his grandmother will be able to come home soon; he strives to catch a tuna fish for her, even though they are extremely hard to catch.  Meanwhile, Akira continues researching the mysteries around Enoshima, and discovers the legend of a dragon who used to spirit people away… but it’s just a legend, right?

I still don’t quite get this freak-out scene but okay.

Later on, the whole gang (Yuki, Natsuki, Haru, and Akira) go fishing.  They see a sea structure in the distance called “Akemi.”  When the boat captain Ayumi seems scared of it, Natsuki reveals that the locals tend to stay away from that spot because of an incident that happened long ago.  However, as there aren’t any tuna around, the gang (on Akira’s own boat) decide to visit Akemi.

Oh yeah, Yuki has a tan now!
You caught a fish? Congrats, Yuki! Now you enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Shortly after Yuki hooks a tuna at Akemi, strange things start happening.  Haru goes insane, and Akira is almost forced to take desperate measures to subdue him.  Fortunately, the boat crashes, and the gang is rescued by Ayumi and the other Enoshima residents.  Although Kate soon returns home afterwards, there’s still some unease left hanging in the air after the incident.  Haru also appears to have changed drastically also…

a.k.a. the episode in which Haru turned BATSHIT INSANE
At least things ended somewhat happily…? ;-;

My Opinion:


I should have known something bad would happen after episode 5…  As is the trend in anime, something happy always occurs before the bad stuff goes down—the calm before the storm.  And… holy cow, what happened to you Tsuritama?! You were such a happy fishing anime!  Granted, this isn’t AS bad as series like Madoka or Mawaru Penguindrum, but the change in atmosphere towards the end of this episode was pretty dramatic.  And seeing Haru acting like that was absolutely terrifying.

I have to laugh in hindsight; though.  I’ve been wanting more plot in this series since episode 4… and I definitely got it!  Plot-wise, you do not want to miss this episode.  It’s actually surprising how much stuff happened in this episode compared to the breezy pace of the past ones.  I don’t even know what’s really going on at this point, but I’m really excited for more episodes now.

Annnnnd Akira finally gets ton of screentime, yes!  He’s such a loveable goof, and also kind of… an incompetent secret agent, I’m sorry to say.  You had TWO weapons and you lost them!  And got smacked in the face with a fish!  Okay, so maybe it’s not his fault but still.  don’tworryIstillloveyou

Overall, a great episode.  It’s probably one of the darker episodes of Tsuritama by far, and it’ll probably only continue to get darker from here on out.  To end on a happier note, I’m really glad to see Yuki so sociable.  Episode continuity, yay!

Out of five for this episode:

        and 1/2


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