Tsuritama Episode 7


I like the fact that these two are good friends now but GDI you guys make it so easy for fans to ship you two together.


Yuki is finally able to buy his own fishing gear, and continues to fish with Natsuki.  Haru, however, has changed drastically since the incident at sea.  He now refuses to fish, and refuses to even go near the ocean.  This change in motivation angers Akira, who was so sure of his lead on Haru.  Although Akira believes that he’s witnessed what he calls “Bermuda Syndrome,” the higher ups he works for just brush him off.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how moe Akira was in this episode
I’m really glad that Kate is out of the hospital. (and seems to be okay so far)

Not long after, it’s revealed that Natsuki’s birthday is coming up.  His remaining family wishes to have a family fishing trip together, though Natsuki’s issues with his dad cause him to be reluctant to go.  Thanks to the persuasion of the fishing captain Ayumi, the whole gang tags along too.  Although the others attempt to mend the relationship between Natsuki and his father, things quickly take a sour turn as father and son end up arguing.

Haru’s outfit for this ep was freaking adorable.

There is a short moment of drama when a runaway boat smacks into the gang’s own boat, causing one of Sakura’s bracelets to fall into the sea.  Sakura had made all the bracelets for each member of the family, including their dead mother.  The one that dropped into the sea was the one she planned to put on her mother’s shrine at home.  Sakura gets angry at Natsuki for this, and Natsuki slaps her in the heat of the moment.  Yuki berates Natsuki for his behavior, but Natsuki simply responds coldly that Yuki doesn’t understand anything.  With their fishing trip ruined, the whole gang sadly go back home.

It was too painful for me to take a screenshot of Natsuki slapping his sister, so here’s a shot of Haru and Akira looking cute instead.

Back home, Yuki is worried about the fight he had with Natsuki on the boat, and realizes that he truly doesn’t understand anything about Natsuki and his family.  However, there’s not much time for self-pity, as it’s soon revealed that Sakura is missing.

Will Sakura be the one that helps Natsuki and Usami to finally restore their relationship?

My Opinion:

I think this is another strong, solid episode for the Tsuritama series.  There wasn’t too much plot revealed in this episode, especially concerning WTF just happened last time, but I think that the series is setting up a huge reveal later on.

It’s nice to see all the continuity nods here.  Yuki and Natsuki seem to have returned “to normal,” but that’s because they were mainly out of it during the whole scene last episode.  Haru (and to a lesser extent, Akira) has the most drastic change in personality.  After the boat incident, Haru is now far more subdued, though that could also be attributed to him having lived in the human world for a while now.  Akira also shows major development, in that he seems to be (albeit grudgingly) friends with Yuki and co. now.

Quite a lot of people had problems with Natsuki slapping his sister, and are quick to decry him as a horrible individual who needs to die.  However, I think that scene just shows how human the characters are.  They’re human beings… they’re not perfect.  They all have their own flaws; and that scene pretty much highlights that.  Although Natsuki isn’t my absolute favorite character of the series (that title belongs to Akira), I think all the hate he’s getting is a bit unfair.  If anyone should get the blame for that whole thing, I think it’s more the fault of Natsuki’s dad, Usami.  Maybe the reason that Natsuki is so untrusting of his father is because Usami doesn’t attempt to discuss important topics with his son—like suddenly changing the shop.  But, I digress.

I thought the pacing of this episode was fine.  It might seem a bit slow in the beginning half for some people, but the second half is definitely where shit goes down.  It’s not AS crazy as last episode’s boat scene, but it’s still pretty high tension.  As always with Tsuritama, there are a few moments with very noticeable QUALITY scenes, but I suppose I’m more forgiving of this series for it because the scenes where the animation is higher are absolutely LOVELY.

Out of five for this episode:


“The orange one is for mom. It was her favorite color.”

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