Tsuritama Episode 8

There are SPOILERS!

This week, on an exciting new episode of Tsuritama…


Continuing on from last episode, pretty much everyone on the island (that we’ve been introduced to so far) have started helping to look for Sakura.  During this search, Yuki apologizes to Natsuki for not fully understanding his situation before, and mentions that he’s never had a “real” family so he’s never known what it feels like.  Not long after, Natsuki is able to find Sakura, thanks in part to Akira’s advice.  It turns out that—despite the worst fears that she may have been “spirited away”—she was just at an old café instead.

What a lovely scene.

The same night, Natsuki and his father are able to resolve their issues somewhat.  Meanwhile, Akira finally just thinks to ask Haru and Coco about their intentions for being on earth, and Coco gives him the lowdown on what’s going on.  One of their kind came down to earth a long time ago and is now causing trouble for humans.  If they don’t stop him soon, he may be able to become powerful enough to the point where he can control humans just through the moisture in the atmosphere.  Akira then tells the two that his organization can handle this without the aliens’ help, and that they should both go back to their planet.  This causes Haru to contemplate leaving Enoshima.

Coco had a decent amount of screen time this episode!
Haru, what are you going to do now?

The next day, the four fish as friends for the first (and possibly, last) time.  As punishment for losing the fishing game, Natsuki gets his hair cut by the other three.  Not long after, Akira confronts his superiors and claims that Haru isn’t evil or dangerous.  However, his boss has already sent a combat unit to Enoshima, and Akira is turned on by his own crew of spies.  As the episode ends, a storm warning is broadcast ominously over the television.

And then the episode eats your feelings, chews it up, and spits it out.

My Opinion:

I’m so happy that everyone’s friends now!  SO HAPPY!  But that dream gets shattered quickly, as the plot thickens once again as yet more shit goes down.  Now that everyone’s personal issues are resolved, it appears that the plot will take center stage for the final few episodes of Tsuritama.

This was one of the more subdued episodes of Tsuritama.  Sure, it still had a happy atmosphere (somewhat), but you can easily see that things aren’t going to return to the happy days of episodes 1-5.  We finally get some explanation for why Haru and Coco are on earth, and why they plan to use fishing to “save the world.”  That pretty much marks the point of no return for this series.  From here on out, things are going to get dark.

It seems that all the boys got a lot of character development here.  Yuki’s more open about his feelings when talking to his friends, Haru’s more serious about the situation, Natsuki’s less grumpy, and Akira finally has friends!  It’s so nice to see how far they’ve all come; which makes that fishing segment so much more poignant.  Now they’re all fishing—as friends!  Hopefully, that won’t be the last time they all fish together like that.  Haru’s departure was foreshadowed pretty damn heavily in this episode.  I wonder if the series will actually follow through with it in the end?

Also, I suppose I can’t do this review without mentioning Natsuki’s new haircut.  I personally prefer it long and poofy, but he still looks okay like this, I think.  This whole thing is definitely not worth the uproar it’s been causing among the fandom… (GEEZE guys, calm down; it’s just hair!)  I’m far more worried at this point about what Akira’s organization plans to do to the Enoshima residents/him.

Overall, a good episode.  A lot of people have described this episode as being one of the more “feeling-inducing” ones, and I’m inclined to agree.  There’s also a healthy dose of plot thrown in here.  Things are definitely getting set into motion for the finale.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

And then the strangled cries of “NOOOOO NATSUKI’S HAIR” resounded from all the throats of Natsuki fangirls on tumblr

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