Tsuritama Episode 9

Note: Sengoku Collection episode 10 might be delayed a bit.  I have finals coming up, so if I don’t post it when I usually do, you guys will know why.  Anyway…


Kinda hard to be menacing when you look like some weird bunny-men.


As JFX’s (the name given to the alien who lives in the sea by the DUCK organization) power grows, more and more people are put under its mind-control.  The DUCK organization has now invaded Enoshima, and are actively on the look-out for Haru.  Even the DUCK’s main boss has arrived.  While Akira is held captive by his own men, Yuki and his grandmother are also being held up in their own home by the DUCK members.

How unexpectedly philosophical of you, Akira.

As this is going on, Haru and Coco attempt to face-off with JFX on their own, but they are quickly pushed back.  Coco falls in the midst of battle, allowing Haru to escape.  Understandably, Haru is devastated by this turn of events.

Tsuritama, do you want me to die of FEELINGS?!

Akira is able to escape his henchman through trickery, and meets up with Yuki, who had also managed to escape his house.  Akira finally explains to Yuki what his organization has been up to.  However, their conversation is soon interrupted as a gang of DUCK members pass them by, claiming that they’ve found Haru.  It seems that Haru has returned to Yuki’s house.  However, when Yuki gets back there, he finds Haru’s demeanor to be greatly changed.  Haru claims that he now hates Yuki, and shoots Yuki with the water gun whilst telling him to leave Enoshima.  Haru soon goes on a rampage after that, shooting everyone and telling them to leave.  The DUCK members quickly put all the remaining residents on evacuation buses, including Natsuki and his family.

Haru looks surprisingly scary here.
It’s been pointed out a million times by now, but I like that Natsuki is shown wearing the bracelet Sakura made for him.

When Yuki finally comes to, he finds his grandma and himself on a train heading out of Enoshima.  After a brief talk with Natsuki about what happened at Enoshima, Yuki talks with his grandmother over a meal in a nearby restaurant.  Yuki and Kate have a conversation about Haru, after which Yuki becomes resolved to go back to Enoshima, no matter what it takes.  Back in Enoshima, Akira decides on his own to catch JFX, even disobeying his boss’ orders in doing so.

Kate, why can’t you be my grandma…
“…is just as large as the earth.” These two are such perfect characters.

My Opinion:

This episode moves at a lightning quick pace, and even now it’s hard to put into words what my feelings for this episode are.  Obviously this is one of the more depressing episodes of Tsuritama; but eurgh, so many feelings!

Natsuki didn’t get too much screentime this episode, I’m afraid.  But the three other main characters really got a chance to shine.  Haru proves that he’s extremely altruistic; Yuki proves that his bond with his friends is strong, and Akira proves that he’s still pretty skilled despite his clumsiness.  There were a few people who had problems with Kate smiling so much throughout this episode, but I think that’s just her way of dealing with stressful situations.  As scared as she may be inside, she has to stay strong for the sake of her grandson, and I think that’s really noble.  That’s just my character interpretation, so don’t take my word for it.

Since we’re winding down towards the end, this episode was really plot and action-packed.  Coco, noooo! D:  I get the feeling that she’s not really dead, though.  But we’ll just have to wait and see…

Overall, a really good episode of Tsuritama.  There’s not much for me to say this time because there’s not much for me to criticize.  As “dark” as this series gets, I’m glad that there’s still small bits of humor scattered throughout.  I wonder if we’ll finally be able to see what JFX actually looks like next episode?

Out of five:


*incoherent sobbing*

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