Well she sure is adorable.

A young man named Hazuki has become completely obsessed with the manager of a small flower shop – Rokka – which leads him to eventually take on a part-time job there as an excuse to spend more time with her. Rokka’s apartment is directly above the shop, and when visiting one day Hazuki makes an initially startling discovery – that there is a man calling himself Rokka’s husband there. This soon becomes an even more startling discovery; this man, Atsushi, is a ghost who for some reason only Hazuki can see.

I kind of love the way he just chills like this.

I really love the plot of this, so it was what I was most looking forward to this season (alright, admittedly it’s the only thing I was looking forward to). Having a flower shop as the setting also means lots and lots of beautiful colour, so this is a show that is very nice to look at. Rokka is also rather adorable, and what exactly her relationship with her rather absent-minded late husband is a little intriguing. Said late husband, Atsushi, makes a very charming ghost character already.
And yet, I couldn’t get into this as much as I wanted to, and it might be because I don’t particularly like Hazuki as the protagonist. I just couldn’t really find any reason to like him; any reason to root for his success with Rokka or believe that he would make a good partner for her. To be honest, he feels flat compared to everyone else, his personality currently nothing but seemingly emo and apparently incapable of smiling. The biggest emotional reaction you see from him in this episode is when he finally realizs that Atsushi is a real ghost. If more is revealed about him I might care more but right now he honestly just comes across as some creepy stalker.
Other than that, the plot does feel like it trudges on very slowly. However, a certain event near the end of the episode felt refreshingly quick for this genre. How the plot will develop from now on is one point of interest that may make me want to keep watching. Aside from my initial dislike of Hazuki, it’s actually pretty hard to pinpoint exactly why this series isn’t exciting me like it should, because it’s not particularly bad by any means.

For now at least, this will be worth keeping an eye on.

Pretty ironic that Hazuki kept saying how ‘annoying’ Atsushi was when he’s clearly the more annoying character.

Out of 5,