After getting saved by Pion last episode, Ms. Mediator and Assistant (now joined by Pion) continue to explore the strange city.  It’s not long before they meet up with Pion’s companion, Oyage.  Ms. Mediator quickly pieces together that the pair are possibly robots, and this is confirmed when Pion reverts back to her monolith state after her battery runs out of power.  However, both robots seem to be suffering some kind of damage as they’ve both lost their memories.  While Pion still vaguely remembers and stands by her “mission,” it seems that Oyage is more than content to forget about it all together.

I always have trouble captioning Jinrui wa screencaps, because really; the subtitles speak for themselves.

“Oh dear” is right, what happened to the animation quality here?!

In somewhat of a last ditch effort, Oyage begins attacking Ms. Mediator and co.  Although Pion is able to defeat the first onslaught, she is forced to recharge afterwards, leaving Ms. Mediator and Assistant to face Oyage on their own.  Oyage quickly harnesses the power of the slimes littering the abandoned city, transforming himself.  However, it appears that the fairies that followed Ms. Mediator can harness the same powers.  And so, a battle ensues.  After a somewhat epic yet utterly ridiculous fight between Oyage and the fairies, Pion is finally able to defeat Oyage for good.

I dunno, I think the nautilus is hanging on pretty well.

After these hectic events, what follows is an extremely touching scene, as Pion and Oyage reconcile and Ms. Mediator learns of their true purpose.

AHHHHH my heart……..

A victory of sorts for mankind. But at what cost?

My Opinion:

I was really starting to lose hope for this series, but the latter half of this episode changed my opinion.  The whole last episode and the beginning half of this episode just seemed somewhat “meh,” to me; but the ending managed to tie everything up beautifully and added a great philosophical moment to boot.

I think the main problem I had with this episode was the humor.  Sure, there were more attempts made at comedy this episode than in the last, but it seemed to be a big miss with me.  I didn’t find Pion’s and Oyage’s antics very funny, though it did make them more endearing as characters. The comedy here was reminiscent of the oddball brand of humor from the first ep, but I think it was perhaps a little too ridiculous for such a somber episode.  Maybe that’s why it seemed so out-of-place.

Another thing I noticed was the animation.  Man, the animation took somewhat of a dip here.  It was really noticeable in shots where the characters were just standing around.  Did the animators get a bit lazy here or what?  I would expect bad animation in heavy action sequences, not scenes where the characters are just standing!  There’s also the fact of the timeline of this series–this seems to be set just before the events of episode 1.  So what about episodes 3-4?  I think I can guess why episodes 1 and 2 were based on a story later in the timeline.  First episodes are meant to grab in viewers, so that is probably why the chicken story was used first.  However, that does make me a little concerned about future episodes.  I don’t mind timeline skipping, but will the later episodes be in chronological order now or will this series continue skipping around?  The Haruhi series used it to good effect, but I’m not sure if Jinrui wa can pull off the same thing.  Anyway, I digress…

The saving grace of this episode is really the ending, where philosophical issues are addressed.  It’s also the one thing that keeps me coming back to watch Jinrui wa, even if I don’t find all the episodes to be great.  The issues discussed center around humanity, obviously.  They’re not extremely deep, but they feel extremely real, even though this is just an anime about a cute pink-haired girl who talks to fairies.

Overall, a decent episode.  The beginning half is a bit amusing, though the place where the episode really shines is towards the end.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

This episode is worth watching just for the end.