This time, a mystery! (spoiler: It’s a really stupid one)


We finally get an episode featuring Akechi Mitsuhide (aka “that purple-haired girl”).  Upon arriving in modern day Japan with her assistant, Kibayashi, it appears that she has lost her memory.  Shortly after that, we see that Mitsuhide has become a renowned detective, solving cases with Kibayashi.  Her latest case involves the murder of the eldest of three sisters.  However, what appears at first to be just a standard case quickly turns surreal.

what the hell

“I said I would kill her someday, but that doesn’t mean I would actually do it!”

By the time the case is “solved,” Mitsuhide makes a startling realization.

I feel a bit bad for this, but I just hated everyone this episode.

If only the animation could have been this nice the whole episode…


I think it’s mostly my bad mood, but I just hated the crap out of this episode.

This episode was just so overly clichéd.  By the five minute mark, I could already get what the shtick of the episode was, and what the ending would be.  And I was sadly right.  That’s not to say that there wasn’t a genuine “twist” later on, but I could still predict it a few minutes before the revelation.  However, this isn’t the only reason why I hated this episode.

I think the writers attempted to parody deep detective stories here, but like Masamune’s episode, the humor falls flat because everything is so stupid, my god.  Stupid antics do not automatically equal humor.  It’s just… stupid.  Also, parodying things doesn’t automatically make everything funny either; though I did think some of the jabs at other mystery series were pretty clever.  For example, shoddy alibis that automatically mean innocence, and the detective suddenly pulling “genius” assumptions out of thin air!  We even have a “the criminal is YOU!” moment.  Sadly, all the bad stuff overwhelmed the good.  There were a lot of nice cameos this episode, but every single character annoyed the hell out of me.  Once again, I can understand that all the ooc-ness was done for humor, but it was executed so badly that it was just painful to watch.

To be fair, there was some genuinely good stuff that this episode does well.  It did a very good job of making everything seem absurd, which is justified at the end (with a really stupid story cliché but whatever).  The ending sequence was also very nice, and the only real part of this episode that I enjoyed.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty bad episode, but you’re free to disagree with me.  Tons of clichés all around, poor humor, and some less than stellar animation really ruined what could have been a decent episode.

Out of five:

 and 1/2