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As humanity continues to decline, so does the number of people who still retain the art of candy making.  This of course spells bad news for the fairies, whose sole sustenance is candy.  Ms. Mediator happens to be one of the few people who still know how to make candy, but she unfortunately has a job and her own life to live.  So the fairies suggest clones, which Ms. Mediator quickly shoots down.

Unfortunately, Ms. Mediator fails to be wary of the fairies’ words, leading to disastrous consequences.  Ms. Mediator is tasked with locating her grandfather’s assistant shortly after, though he ends up wandering off and thus Ms. Mediator has to go search for him.  What instead happens is that Ms. Mediator seems to enter a never-ending loop of time, where she keeps meeting a clone (or clones) of herself in a forest, slips on a banana peel, and wakes up with the flow of time reset.  Each time this happens, she loses her memory and yet another clone of herself is created.

Note to self: never take presents from fairies.

The doctor woman who was in charge of taking care of Assistant. She’s pretty, but also pretty bland.

Ms. Mediator finally wises up to the fairies’ shenanigans, and confronts them.  She also slowly realizes that the banana they give to her to eat may play some part in the whole scheme.  However, she continues to fall for their tricks anyway, until one day where she’s finally able to locate her grandfather’s assistant.  However, the town is now filled with many dogs, and Ms. Mediator seems to have memories she’s never experienced before…

And then there were three Ms. Mediators!

My hatred for the fairies has really grown this episode.

My Opinion:

This episode made my brain hurt.  What is going on?!

A lot of people have claimed that this episode supports the “every arc is going back in time” theory, which would make episodes 3-4 take place before 1-2; and episodes 5-6 take place before 3-4.  However, I still think there’s no definite proof of that yet—episodes 3-4 really put a wrench in that theory, because we see (in episodes 5-6) that Ms. Mediator got her hair cut as punishment.  So that would mean that her hair should have been shorter in episodes 3-4 too if each arc really is really going back in time.  But this episode also introduces clones which means… basically anything could happen.

Plot-wise, I’m really glad that this series is starting to pick up again.  However, there were a few things that bothered me about this arc.  I know that Ms. Mediator has been shown to be a very smart young woman in the past, and yet she doesn’t realize anything strange is going on when she sees a clone of herself?  Even with the amnesia spells, I think even a normal person would have some kind of reaction to seeing something like that!  Are there no mirrors in post-apocalyptic earth?  Or maybe it’s just the fairies’ influence?

Anyway, this was a pretty good episode overall.  Lots of plot-heavy stuff this time, so there’s not much actual comedy.  However, even with the lack of comedy, I still found this episode to be far more of an enjoyable watch than a few of the past ones.

Out of five: