Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Mankind has Declined Episode 8

Beware, tons of SPOILERS ahead!

I personally can’t stand Grandpa. Is he supposed to be such a condescending jerk?


We take a trip through time-space-paradox once again, but this time we get Ms. Mediator’s insight during the whole trip.  We also learn a bit more about Assistant along the way.  It turns out he’s the sole surviving member of a lost tribe.  Since he grew up mostly alone, he doesn’t know how to speak, nor does he have a personality.  This causes people to forget about him easily.  Even the doctor woman who had been taking care of him forgets what he looks like.

“What does a smart person with no personality want?”

After hearing about Assistant’s plight, Ms. Mediator is now more motivated than ever to find him.  However, she ends up “getting sent farther back than intended” by the fairies, though no real harm was actually done (except to Ms. Mediator’s pride).  When Ms. Mediator finally returns back to her time, she meets with her army of clones in the forest as they are having a tea party.  After the clones interrogate her about what she expects Assistant to be like, Ms. Mediator simply says that she’s happy just to be able to meet him, whatever his personality may be.  This seems to be the answer the clones (and the fairies) were expecting, so Ms. Mediator gets sent back in time one last time.  It’s during this trip that she finally meets with Assistant.

Have I mentioned before that Ms. Mediator is scary when she’s mad?
Where exactly did the fairies get their ingredients?

On the ride home, Ms. Mediator realizes that Assistant had been listening in during the fairies’ tea party.  Turns out that the fairies did this not only for more candy, but also to help Assistant “develop” a personality of his own, by listening to Ms. Mediator’s opinion of him.  Ms. Mediator also ends up learning a valuable lesson in the process.


My Opinion:

I think this may just be my favorite arc of this series, since this episode was wonderful.  Everything was tied up beautifully, and we actually get some human philosophy that many can relate to.

The most beautiful thing about this series was how well it handled the constant time restarts.  Although I was dreading having to sit through yet another episode of “oh no, I slipped on a banana peel and got sent back in time… again!”; the whole thing is really much more interesting now that we get to see Ms. Mediator’s inner monologue throughout the whole thing.  Turns out that Ms. Mediator caught on to the fairies’ act pretty quickly, but was powerless to really do anything to stop it.  That effectively knocks out one of my bigger complaints from the last episode.  And even though we do have to see a few scenes a few more times, at least something new was added to make it more watchable, like some new bits of information or a different perspective of the scene.

If you haven’t realized yet, then let me spoil this for you: that strange young man Ms. Mediator met in that orange colored world was actually… her grandfather.  As a kid.  That actually explains a lot of why her grandfather acts the way he does now (thankfully much more subdued though still sometimes a bit annoying to deal with).  Though let’s not dwell too much on the fact that he basically hit on and groped his grand-daughter, ugh…

Another thing I have to give credit to is the fact that this episode managed to change my previous opinion of the fairies completely.  Based on what was seen from the last episode, I thought the fairies were just trying to get more sweets by creating clones, with no respect or care for the flow of time nor anyone involved.  But it turns out that they were also doing it for Assistant’s and Ms. Mediator’s sake, proving that they aren’t as sinister as I was led to believe.  I guess they’d be more accurately described as somewhat benevolent beings who love playing tricks on humans.

Overall, this episode (and arc) I think is one of the strongest stories that Jinrui wa has had to offer so far.  Almost all loose ends from the previous episode are addressed and explained (except for that one scene where the fairies were kicking around a head…) and the ending is actually very satisfying.  Hopefully this is a sign that Jinrui wa will continue to improve as a series.  If it doesn’t get a second season, there are only two more arcs to go through before the end.

Out of five:


Also, yes; this actually happened.

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