Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Mankind has Declined Episode 9

Spoilers ahead!



As the fairy population has recently spiked, there’s a quite a bit of in-fighting among the fairies.  Grandpa suggests that Ms. Mediator take some fairies out to an island so that they can start their own nation.  Ms. Mediator reluctantly does so, and finds herself stranded on the island with the fairies.

Definitely the first time I’ve seen the fairies so depressed.
The fairies’ can make anything out of anything. ANYTHING.

Not to worry, though; as the fairies prove themselves to be extremely skilled at wood-crafting and farming.  With Ms. Mediator as the group-elected queen of this new “nation,” the fairies quickly build a small civilization.  Although Ms. Mediator stays a queen to maintain order amongst the fairies at first, she quickly becomes a little too comfortable in her position.  This leads to the fairies becoming overzealous in their work, completely destroying the landscape with their mini-monuments.

Ms. Mediator looks adorable in that nightgown.
An island made of candy-trees!

Because of this, no crops can be grown.  Ms. Mediator then suggests that they build a raft so that they can get back to the mainland, which was her first course of action before she got side-tracked.  However, the fairies are unhappy about this.  So unhappy, in fact, that they cause it to rain for days, and eventually cause the destruction of the island.  Fortunately, Ms. Mediator finds herself safe and sound on the mainland with a few left-over fairies, though now she has to explain a few things to her grandfather and Assistant…

I really love Ms. Mediator’s queen-dress.
You got a stained glass window put on the roof of your palace? How vain you are Ms. Mediator!

My Opinion:

Surprisingly, this was just a one-episode story arc!  And it’s a fairly decent one at that.  It’s an episode that shows off the fairies’ abilities well, and also reveals that Ms. Mediator is prone to the same faults all humans are.

There’s definitely a moral (and more) in this episode.  The fairies’ civilization gets built and destroyed in two weeks, but it reveals something about human civilization habits.  Building up cities too quickly without taking into account the surrounding environment will someday lead to disaster, as shown by the fairies’ deforestation and subsequent consequences of that.  Also, being too complacent as a ruler will lead to a nation’s destruction.  There are obviously many more to be found, but I leave that to you guys to contemplate.

Other than the morals, this episode also had a very fairy tale-like atmosphere because the fairies played such a huge part here.  It made for whimsical and enjoyable story.  A lot of the humor this time comes from what the fairies say, so it might be hit-and-miss with some folks.  Although I didn’t laugh at any jokes, I did think the dialogue was fairly amusing.  It’s very reminiscent of the somewhat morbid and cynical humor of the first two episodes.

Overall, a well-rounded episode that’s pretty good by this series’ standards.  I think the most important thing this episode shows is that Jinrui wa CAN make a one-episode story and make it work.  It makes me wonder if some of the previous arcs (the manga arc and space probe arc) could have been condensed into one episode to make room for better story arcs…

Out of five:


Guilty as charged.

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