The plot for this episode focuses on Ms. Mediator’s first few days as a mediator among fairies.  Having just graduated from the last human school, Ms. Mediator ends up landing a job in Camphorwood, where her grandfather also happens to live.  While scouting the known fairy appearance sites, she’s disappointed to find her first day on the job to be dull, not having found a single fairy.  Although Ms. Mediator took on the job so as not to work in the fields, she does not wish for an entirely meaningless life either.

The next day, Ms. Mediator devises a plan in order to make fairies appear.  They love candy, and they love fun.  So Ms. Mediator lays out a trap for them.  Surprisingly, they quickly appear.  However, they are extremely scared of her as she’s a very large size in comparison.  All of them run away except for three.  Without thinking, Ms. Mediator kidnaps them and brings them home.  Although hesitant to talk to her at first, she quickly gets them to warm-up to her through some candy bribing.

Most of the screencaps ended up focusing on Ms. Mediator, whoops…

Well, using candy IS a pretty good way of pleasing someone…

After befriending the small group of fairies, the dump site where she first finds them suddenly has a large population boom.  And it continues to grow larger after Ms. Mediator gives them a dictionary as a gift.  However, the fairies now consider her “god.”  Not wanting to deal with the responsibility that title brings, Ms. Mediator quickly vanquishes the title and the fairy civilization along with it.  The place returns to being a dump, though Ms. Mediator now has a reputation amongst the fairies, whether she wants it or not.

A mini sci-fi metropolis!

I give props to Ms. Mediator for realizing how many potential problems that title could cause to her later on.

My Opinion:

Another one-story arc, that is also a fairly good episode.

Once again, Jinrui wa’s timeline is jumping all over the place.  This time, we get the story of Ms. Mediator’s first encounter with the fairies.  I doubt this is the very first story in the timeline, as the OP shows Ms. Mediator in what are presumably her school days.  However, I think this would have still been a perfect first episode.  Not only is this Ms. Mediator’s first time with the fairies, it would have been our first time with them too.  I honestly don’t understand the slap-dash nature of this series.  Unless this was the order of events in the novels, I don’t see a point for all this jumping around.  It makes things unnecessarily confusing for no purpose.  The only time I felt that the timeline jumping was really effective was in episode 8 where it’s shown that (spoiler) Assistant actually can speak even though he doesn’t in the later timeline stories.

Anyway, other than the messed up timeline (which I’ll elaborate on more after this series finishes); I thought the story was well-executed.  Sure, the humor in this episode is more random than cynical, but I liked it.  And the fairies actually managed to come off as really adorable, even though I’ve found them highly unsettling for the last few episodes.  As much as I’m loathe to admit it, Jinrui wa really is more interesting the more fairies there are involved.

This was a very straight-forward episode, so there’s not much for me to talk about.  We do get a lot of information about the fairies and the world, at least; and about Ms. Mediator’s humble beginnings herself.  This week’s story didn’t have much substance, but it was still a very enjoyable watch.

Out of five:


Grandpa has definitely grown on me; even with his somewhat jerk-ass tendencies.