There are SPOILERS!



In this episode, Ms. Mediator recounts a memory of her childhood.  Specifically, the time when she first went to school at the age of ten.  Once at school, Ms. Mediator channels all her focus onto studying so that she can quickly advance grades.  However, this has the unfortunate side-effect of alienating her from her classmates, who are quick to ridicule her.  Ms. Mediator’s somewhat cold demeanor doesn’t help matters.

Somehow, it’s not too surprising that Y was a bully as a child, sigh…

And now for one of the most adorable characters on Jinrui wa…

Despite all the bullying, there is one girl who still tries to make friends with her, whom Ms. Mediator has nicknamed “Curly.”  However, Ms. Mediator constantly rebuffs all of the younger girl’s attempts to befriend her, believing that Curly is the mastermind behind all the bullying.  Eventually, Ms. Mediator comes upon a fairy for the first time.  After another big bullying event, Ms. Mediator breaks down and wishes that she wasn’t alone.  The fairy says that he’ll grant her wish and casts some kind of spell before disappearing.

Everything about this particular scene was just lovely.


Soon after, Ms. Mediator advances to the third grade.  To her chagrin, Curly also advances.  After showing some slight sympathy for the younger girl just once, Curly shows herself to be extremely affectionate towards Ms. Mediator, to the point where it could be called an obsession.  After forcibly becoming Ms. Mediator’s roommate, Curly introduces her to a secret tea society that she is a member of.

As moving as this scene was, the whole pit of bones was never really explained…

Now you’re stuck with her… FOREVER!

My Opinion:

As I predicted, we’ve now gone farther back in time for what appears to be the last arc of the Jinrui wa anime.  But I suppose it’s not a bad place to end… and that is, where everything all began.

I feel that it’s in this story-arc that we learn the most about Ms. Mediator.  Even at ten years of age, she is shown to have a very sharp mind and tongue.  It’s also this personality that explains so much about why she’s so good at dealing with fairies.  Ms. Mediator is not very good at making friends, even though she eventually breaks down and says that she doesn’t want to be alone.  This is mainly because of her constant belief that other people are only out to get her; which isn’t so far-fetched seeing the “welcome” that she first got from Y.  The fairies, compared to her fellow students, are so much simpler and easier to understand.  Perhaps that is why Ms. Mediator becomes attached to them so quickly.

I suppose a lot of people are wondering why Ms. Mediator won’t just open up and make friends already if she wants them so bad.  I think it’s just Ms. Mediator’s personality.  She’s a stubborn, head-strong girl.  She also tends to look at the negative aspects of a person’s character.  Thus, even though Curly claims that she isn’t behind all the bullying, Ms. Mediator’s pride already made her hold steadfastly to that idea.  Also, she may just be an introvert and prefers to be alone most of the time.  I’m pretty much the same way; it’s scary how much I relate to Ms. Mediator, ha……

Anyway, story-wise, I consider this to be one of the stronger episodes of Jinrui wa out there.  Although there’s not much humor or too much meddling from the fairies themselves, we DO get to see some back-story on the lead character.  Personally, those types of stories are my favorite type of stories, because (if done right) we get the chance to see how they developed as a character.  Okay, so this episode does follow the standard school cliché of “everyone bullies the main character,” but in this case it works because of Ms. Mediator’s actions; which are believable with what we’ve seen of her already.

I complained about the messed up order of Jinrui wa’s episodes before, but this episode/story-arc seems to be an exception to that rule.  I don’t think that the series would have gotten to as good a start with this arc as its first two episodes.  Will this opinion hold through the next episode and finale?  Well, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Out of five for this episode:


Aw Ms. Mediator don’t be like that