Sengoku Collection Episode 24

The return of Ieyasu!


We return to looking at Ieyasu’s life.  She is now a full-fledged idol and is set to star in an upcoming drama with another famous actor.  However, she finds herself drained of energy and sorely needing a break from her hectic idol duties.  Fortunately for her, an unexpected encounter with a fan of hers sets her off on an exciting and dangerous journey.

In this episode Ieyasu has something of a “mid-idol” crisis.
Well, this guy’s certainly more interesting than Oota from the first episode.

After bumping into a young man who had attempted to video-tape her secretly, Ieyasu ends up forming a partnership with him when they accidentally come into possession of another video camera with some damning evidence.  Meanwhile, a gang of thugs have set their sights on destroying anyone with knowledge of the tape.  Will Ieyasu and the young man be able to deliver this footage safely to the police?  Or will they find that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew?

Annnnnd things get SERIOUS.


Despite returning back to a past general, I thought this episode was fairly good.  Fortunately, Ieyasu is a general that I enjoy watching, so even though her plot-thread with Nobunaga has already been resolved, I don’t mind seeing more of her.

This episode is one of the more “exciting” ones, as there is quite a bit of action and suspense here.  Not to mention that it actually gets pretty scary at some points.  That un-named woman falling from the roof around the mid-way point was probably the most unsettling scene I’ve seen in Sengoku Collection.  And although we do get a happy ending, Ieyasu does have to go through a lot of danger before she earns it.

Hey, it’s that manager guy from the second episode.

We’ve already seen Ieyasu before, but I don’t think this episode was just filler.  It expands on her character, and brings a resolution to her sub-plot.  Yes, she’s reached the top now, but she’s determined to continue onwards no matter how hard it might get.  The only major new character we get this week is Kaoru, the young man who tried to tape Ieyasu.  Although initially introduced as a bit of a creep, he managed to redeem himself in the end.  I’m pretty “meh” about him, but at least he’s cute?

Even Rosary makes a cameo appearance! I’m glad she found success somewhere else. C:

Overall, even though the plot-line isn’t the most original thing out there, this episode is still one of the more entertaining (and less painful) in the Sengoku series.  There are genuine twists and suspense.  The fake-out at the end had me totally fooled (that’s a good thing).  The animation does look a bit “off” in the beginning, but it goes back to the usual quality by the mid-way point to the end.  If you like Ieyasu, this episode is a definite must-watch.

Out of five:


…I think I ship this now…

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