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“Miss Underboobs” returns on this week’s episode of Sengoku Collection!


Yoshimoto, Nobunaga’s fierce rival, wants to go up against Nobunaga right away.  However, her mentor, Sessai, realizes that as she is now, Yoshimoto isn’t ready to face Nobunaga in a fight.  Thus, Sessai orders Kotaro (the ninja girl) to distract Yoshimoto for the time being.  Although they are able to distract Yoshimoto with sweets, they find it detrimental to her warrior spirit.  So Kotaro ends up taking Yoshimoto exploring in the forest near their secret base instead.  Unexpectedly, Yoshimoto quickly latches onto fishing and becomes utterly obsessed with it.

Kotaro is actually pretty cute. Though I still don’t understand the dog-tail…


After “conquering” the stream, Yoshimoto moves higher up the mountain to fish, and finds a rather large lake.  The lake holds a treasure far greater than Yoshimoto could have expected: a large golden carp!  With a new goal in sight, Yoshimoto puts all her focus into capturing this fish.  But has she lost sight of her real goal of defeating Nobunaga?  In the end, Yoshimoto learns a valuable life lesson.

And… even more fishing!

“I knew you would realize that your outfit looks utterly ridiculous.”

My Opinion:

As much as I liked Tsuritama, fishing anime doesn’t really do much to interest me, unless they have really good characters.  Yuki and co. were great characters to watch.  Yoshimoto and her friends?  Well… not so much.

This is more of an opinion than anything else, but I don’t really like her design.  The under-boob stuff just sort of… annoys me I guess?  It doesn’t seem like a practical wardrobe choice for a warrior but this is anime so whatever.  Personality-wise, Yoshimoto is sort of bland.  She seems more like a character archetype than an actual character.  Sure, she shows hints of being impatient, but her personality doesn’t feel as “strong” or unique as some of the past generals.

The story itself wasn’t that bad, I guess.  But I think it tried to be far deeper than it really was.  The moral of this episode could be best summed up as “have patience” but the whole fishing sequence at the end was utterly ridiculous.  It was also uncomfortably sexual so, yeah… I’m not sure what the episode writers were actually aiming for.

The backgrounds this time were done in the more stylistic pastel style.  It makes everything look very unrealistic, but I think it’s a nice style.  I just wish that the animators were more consistent with it.  If you’re going to do stylized backgrounds, it looks weird when everything in the foreground looks realistic.  But that’s more a personal nitpick than anything so…

Overall, a decent watch I suppose.  I found the episode somewhat dull at times, though it wasn’t inherently awful either.  Whether you enjoy this episode depends on your tolerance for fishing, and/or how much you like Yoshimoto as a character.

Out of five:


Next week is the final episode of Sengoku Collection!