It’s that time again for Moeronpan/Torino to crawl out of the depths for some First Impression reviews! Who knows, maybe this season I’ll like something enough to blog it.

what dainty pointy fingers you have

The beginning of this series feels a lot like Hayate the Combat Butler (which, incidentally, is having a new series this season too) . Instead of Hayate, it’s Nanami who, as the annoyingly-voiced narration tells us, has some grade A shitty father who racked up a stack of debt gambling and then left her to deal with being evicted on her own. With nowhere to stay, she decides to mope around in the park where she ends up saving a strange man from a dog. In return, the man gives her an address and tells her she can have his old house, and because trusting weird men you meet at night in the park is a totally normal thing to do Nanami follows the address to a run-down shrine. It turns out that man was the Land God, and had managed to trick Nanami into becoming the new Land God in his place. The two will o’ the wisp spirits at the shrine are happy to see and serve her; the old Land God’s fox-man familiar Tomoe – who is basically Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero (I honestly had to double-check his voice actor, although they’re not the same person) – is not.
Besides having to deal with his personality, Nanami is very confused as to how a regular high school student is supposed to be a ‘god’, although it seems she has acquired a few new powers.

The will o’ the wisp spirits. They’re….kind of annoying.

I couldn’t help getting this kind of Fruits Basket vibe from this show; the kind of high-energy, mile-a-minute story-telling where everyone over-reacts and screams at each other, and it made me really nostalgic. It also made me realize once again how much more entertaining that kind of thing is when you’re 15 as opposed to 23. This show just…needs to slow down. There’s some pretty interesting ideas in here but everything is just so busy and over-the-top in trying to make you laugh that it’s honestly tiring.
I kind of like Nanami’s character at least, and she does have some amusing commentary on the events transpiring around her now and then. Her situation isn’t very believable, and the show doesn’t even really try to set it up this way – she reacts to losing her home and father with all the sadness of someone who dropped their icecream – but I don’t think I can really fault it for that, as it seems to be more keen on going for a comedy angle. It’s just that there wasn’t anything particularly funny in this show to me. It had spirit and energy and it was definitely trying, but in the end I guess I’m just not the audience for it. It doesn’t help that I never particularly like characters like Tomoe, either.
Things only really get started here though so my first impression could be totally wrong – I am kind of interested in how Nanami goes about fulfilling her duties as a ‘god’, particularly in regards to the people’s prayers at the shrine that she hears. I probably wont have time to watch another episode though, so I’ll have to wait and see what people say about it in future. Right now, I neither like or dislike it, it just kind of was. But I can see it really appealing to its target audience, and that’s not a bad thing.
Those shojo bubbles were really overused though.


Out of 5,