“I am going to have a scale figure, nendoroid, figma and beach queen rendition announced before the years end!”

The title translates to “Even if I’m chuunibyou I want love!” What is ‘chuunibyou’? It’s been an internet buzzword for a while now, and is best described as a ‘condition’ among teenagers – particularly those in the 2nd year of junior high (chuu ni), when they reach that stage when they start to exhibit embarassing, rude or ridiculous behaviour. It refers to things such as teenagers thinking they are too cool for school and that they know everything, or developing ridiculous obsessions and delusions. (Pixiv Encyclopedia describes this better than me here, but I think this kind of thing could also describe the ‘weeaboo phase’ many anime fans go through around that age.) Some people grow out of chuunibyou and are horrifically embarassed in hindsight, determined to pretend it never happened. Others retain that behaviour in highschool or later.

Our main character is Yuuta, who was an exhibit A of chuunibyou during his middle school years where he would pretend to have dark powers. Embarassed by his past to the extent that he enrolls in a senior high school far away enough for nobody to recognize him, he is ready to start a new life. However, living directly above his appartment is an odd girl named Rikka who is still very much afflicted with the dreaded chuunibyou despite her age , and determined to be his comrade.

I’m absolutely in love with the way she’s animated.

I usually always like KyoAni, but I regret to say I never got the chance to see Hyouka. In fact I didnt even know KyoAni had another show since Nichijou until just before that ended, so I should probably check it out eventually. So for me, it’s been a while, and I’m happy to see them ‘back’.
This is probably going to be the big hit of the season, and I’m okay with that. It’s pretty standard as far as the story goes (the whole chuunibyou thing being an amusing touch to what is still a ‘regular guy tolerates weirdo girl’ show) but all that KyoAni pizazz just makes it a real joy to watch. The characters just move so nicely and everyone has really pleasant designs. Plus, Yuuta’s not a total bore of a character either, he’s actually pretty funny and it’s pretty damn refreshing to have a male lead in a show like this who isnt just an eye-rolling sarcasm machine (I mean, I liked Kyon, but his many clones got old really quickly) .
It also manages to be decently funny in its own subdued way, has a catchy opening/ending video, and has a whole lot of other characters due to appear that may or may not be interesting – rounding it all off to a pretty positive first experience. Which is something of a small miracle for me, given how sick of high school anime I am. It remains to be seen how long this will be able to hold my interest – after all, I have no idea where the plot can go from here, but I’ll be watching more of it. I want to take on at least one show this season, so it’ll be this unless I find something I want to review more (because face it, every one and their mother is going to be blogging this.)

They’re a pretty amusing pair.

Out of 5,