Mr Joestar is a very wealthy man who had the misfortune to be inside a horse carriage that plummeted off a cliff. When a greedy old git comes to rob the bodies, the still-alive Joestar mistakes his advances as medical attention and declares himself in his debt for ‘saving’ him and his baby son Jonathan.

Fast forward 12 years and Jonathan is a strapping young lad cavorting about the 19th century English countryside, being a gentleman by  standing up for bullied young ladies and enjoying the company of his loyal dog Danny. And then Dio comes to stay.
Dio is the son of the man who Jonathan’s father believes he is indebted to, and he wants Joestar to fulfil this debt by taking in his son so that Dio can fulfill his dream of becoming rich. Everyone is taken with Dio, who is, to put it lightly, a terrible, downright unpleasant little git with a creepy obsession with driving Jonathan into despair. Ther hatred for eachother grows and grows…

this sure looks like a 12-year-old

Jojo seems to be that one series that everyone has heard of but not everyone has read, including me. All I know is that its insanely famous, but I never actually knew anything about it besides the dramatic 80s gekiga style. To tell the truth I was initially a bit confused by the show as it was nothing like the Jojo stuff I’ve seen around Japan, but doing some research quickly showed me that this is only the first arc of a mutli-arc epic which spans generations of the Joestar family, the arc with Jotarou as the main character being the most famous.
I watched this as a quick way of getting a taste of what is often said to be the greatest shonen manga of all time, and was actually pretty surprised with how fun it actually was. It’s over-the-top, ridiculous, and takes itself way too seriously, but because of this, it’s just goofy enough to be a fun ride. The story is still a little confusing – I have no idea why that creepy dude waited until he was on his deathbed to decide to go after the debt owed to him by Joestar, especially considering he was seconds away from robbing his body and pulling out his teeth to sell to a dentist at the start of the episode, nor do I know why Dio is such a terrible git (what he did to Danny was frankly unforgivable), so I do want to watch more and find out why. I’d like to know if Dio actually has anything to his character other than ‘look at me I’m completely unlikeable’ as well.
The art style, despite being incredibly nostalgic, doesn’t actually feel that dated with the updated animation. It actually gives the show a unique look that makes it stand out among the rest this season at least visually. (Of course, gekiga style tends to mean that nobody remotely looks their age and its impossible for me to see these apparently 12 year old kids as anything other than 26 -year olds) Plus, the dramatic visual manga sound effects that pop up whenever anything dramatic happens (read: every five minutes) are just so outrageously corny that I love it.
Although its appeal right now for me is because of its blatant corniness, there could actually be an intriguing story under here. It’s probably going to go forever so I won’t be reviewing it, but I’m interested enough to continue, or start the manga even.

but how could i not cap those magnificent bathers

Out of 5,