My last “First Impression” for the anime season!  Will it be a winner or a stinker?  Let’s find out!

Our gang of merry adventurers who also happen to be based on Sega characters.


There are two battling nations on the continent of Consume: the blue country Segua, and the red country Ninteldo.  As Segua’s forces continue to lose to the great Ninteldo nation, a hero from Segua emerges.  His name is Gear, and he is resolved to join Segua’s army after his friend Til is killed by Ninteldo’s army-men.

If you don’t recognize who this is supposed to be, I’ll give you a hint. Focus on that mustache.

If the Sonic parody character thinks the plot is moving too fast, then it’s moving WAY TOO FAST

Annnnnd here’s the designated “Ms. Fanservice” of the series.

After proving his worth to both Ramses (a general of Segua’s forces), and Opal (one of Segua’s best fighters), Gear is tasked with leading a bunch of troops to rescue General Alex.  However, he’s met by one final roadblock: a perverted priest named Tejirof.  Despite the priest’s lecherous behavior and attitude, Tejirof manages to defeat Gear in a battle.  Gear accepts his defeat, but refuses to give up his cause.  Thus, Tejirof agrees to train Gear and help him in his mission.

Eyecatch! I think Gear’s a cutie, actually.


My Opinion:

This episode definitely has its issues, but I think it was still a decent episode overall.  Like with Girls und Panzer, is plot is somewhat stupid.  But at least it’s obvious that it’s MEANT to be stupid, since this series is basically a straight up parody of Nintendo and Sega.  Yes, the game companies.

Almost every character featured is meant to be a “re-imagining” of each companies’ respective famous characters.  Gear is based off of Sonic, and is probably the easiest of the Sega characters to recognize.  Til, his best friend, is based on Tails.  (I find it somewhat sadly hilarious that Til was killed off before the series even really started.)  Then there’s Opal who’s based off of Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone.  I actually had to look this one up, since Fantasy Zone is one of Sega’s older games.  And Opa-Opa is a… sentient spaceship, which somehow translates into a girl with huge boobs.  Because “opa” sounds similar to “oppai”!  Get it?!

Then there’s Marcus, Ninteldo’s head general who is based on Mario.  There’s also Zelig, who’s based on Link (yes, from Legend of Zelda).  There are many more characters than these but I’m just going to stick to the main ones.  So far, the characters are alright.  I can’t really say much about them as a few are based on inanimate objects.  Gear’s personality so far seems more like your typical shonen protagonist than something closer to Sonic’s personality, but I suppose that’s so Sega won’t sue the crap out of anyone involved in the making of this series.  I did think that Marcus and Zelig are acting wildly out of character, but I suppose that’s because they’re the designated BAD GUYS so they aren’t allowed to be acting too noble.

Story-wise, I think pacing of this episode was much too rushed.  The story also isn’t anything extremely unique outside of the whole “Sega vs. Nintendo” thing.  Animation is about average, and music is the same.  There is also quite a bit of unnecessary fanservice scattered throughout.  I just wish that the series didn’t take itself so seriously, since I wanted to watch this for the comedy, not for a generic shonen plot that’s been re-hashed a thousand times in other anime.

I had been really looking forward to this anime, and was starting to get disappointed by the mid-way mark of this episode.  Fortunately, my interest was saved by the appearance of Tejirof.  While I disliked him at first for following the “perverted priest” trope, my opinion changed after I looked up what game/mascot/character he was supposed to represent.  IT WAS TETRIS.  After that, Tejirof’s antics were hilarious.  And I admit, rather clever to boot.  (And it got even more hilarious when I found out his VA is Hiro Shimono.)

That was enough to make me want to blog this series.  Unfortunately, I found out some bad news.  Supposedly, this series is only going to be three episodes long… With an episode coming out every THREE MONTHS.  Well… FUCK.

So while I’ll still blog this series (whenever episodes do come out), I am still going to have to find a series to blog this season.  Man, this sucks.

Out of five for this episode:


Man this series isn’t even trying to not be gay (click for full size)