Episode two introduces us properly to Rikka’s elder sister Touka, whom she lives with. Rikka speaks of her as though she is an evil menace she is continually battling for supremacy against; her sister on the other hand is exasperated at her immaturity and wants her to grow out of her Chuunibyou stage, which she’s been stuck in since middle school.

Meanwhile Rikka’s found a cat (or rather, a Chimera, she says) she won’t be able to keep, and we’re also introduced to the laid-back Kumin who seems to find Rikka and Yuuta’s antics fascinating.

I think lab-coat Rikka is the most moe so far.

Rikka’s room is awesome!

This show really is a ton of fun and it’s second episode demonstrates that in spades. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show be so simultaneously moe and yet so clever with its humour.

What I loved the most – being what tipped the scales in Chuunibyou’s favour as I tried to decide whether I wanted to review this or Little Busters more, is the fantastic ‘battle’ scene between Rikka and her sister Touka. It’s flashy, dramatic, has insane magical weapons and KyoAni oomph and yet it takes place entirely within Rikka’s mind. Showing what she imagines in between shots of what is actually happening is great fun.
I’m also really liking her sister, who has an interesting dichotomy of ‘indulging’ her sisters fantasy by ‘battling’ her yet being clearly troubled by her behavioir. (or rather,  she’s indulging it unintentionally, perhaps). It really makes me wonder about these girls’ parents and whether there is a deeper story hidden here, and if it has anything to do with when Rikka’s Chuunibyou started.
Kumin seems pretty cute, aloof and vacant enough to be cute but not enough to be too annoying. Her design is quite plain compared to the other main girls that appear in the opening but there’s a kind of charm to that plainness.

I really like Kumin, actually.

big sis is just a badass in general

Out of 5,

Gonna be sad if Kumin doesn’t end up as fan-favourite.

In episode 3, the freshmen are finding their niches, Yuuta still has the hots for Nibutani (AKA Shinka) and Rikka is still The Big Chuunibyou. Because this is a KyoAni show she decides to make a club which she demands Yuuta join – the ‘far eastern magic society’ (later changed to the far eastern magic and napping society to include Kumin’s napping club she is the sole member of) although nobody wants to join. Nobody that is except for one Sanae Dekomori, Rikka’s twin-tailed ‘underling’.

Yuuta is getting more and more embarrassed by these girls (and their influence on Kumin) and worries about looking uncool in front of Shinka, but…!?

Rikka’s ill-fated attempt at cheerleading.

DEKOmori get it haha deko means forehead way to go.

Three episodes in and the novelty hasn’t worn off, so let’s hope Chuunibyou can keep this up for the rest of its run. With the introduction of Dekomori we now have all the girls shown in the opening, and I’m pretty happy with them. As for Dekomori, she’s slightly younger than Rikka so her Chuunibyou tendencies may be slightly less embarassing for Yuuta. She seems to have some kind of…decorations? Weapons? On the end of her twintails, which is weird. Also she says ‘desu’ a lot and pronounces it like ‘death’. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t like Dekomori, but she sure proved me wrong and adds even more glorious stupid Chuunibyou antics and yet another glorious imagination fight-sequence (the ‘reality version’ of which was hilarious).
I thought one of the funniest parts of the episode was when Rikka was trying to get the teacher to count her alternate personality as another club member so that they would have enough members, and then got showed up when said personality, whom Rikka declared was a girl from England, couldn’t understand basic English. This teacher character seems like she could get pretty amusing, actually.

Whether there’s an actual plot here developing or not still remains to be seen but it definitely seems that Rikka has a thing for Yuuta, whether she’ll admit it or not, which is going to create quite the love triangle later on. Speaking of which, Nibutani is becoming more interesting; she’s still the least interesting of the girls to me (so far being nothing other than ‘perfect girl’ which is kind of boring in anime plus that giant clip looks weird) but her sudden interest in the club raises some questions about her personality. Maybe she’ll turn out to be the biggest weirdo of the bunch.

this was just kind of really awesome.

Them trying to count the cat as a member wins points too.

Out of 4,