Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Episodes 4 and 5

Woops I got horribly ill for a bit but on the plus side staying home from work gave me a window of time to get these done finally.

The whole magic circle thing cracked me up.

The mystery of why the popular Nibutani Shinka would want anything to do with the losers of the magic and nap society (now renamed once again to the magic and nap of summer society) is finally solved. Did she just want to spend more time with Yuuta? Is she actually interested in magic or napping?

Actually,  Shinka  ends up revealing two things about herself. One, she’s nowhere near as pleasant as she pretends to be. Two, she has an embarrassing chuunibyou past that rivals even Yuuta’s ‘Dark Flame Master’, a past she had thought she had put totally behind her… Yet Dekomori had printed out the ‘wisdom’ she posted to the internet back in the day and compiled it into a treasured book.  A book Shinka would do anything to remove from the face of the earth, along with any remaining traces of a her chuunibyou past…

how does Dekomori’s hair even work?
Well, she sure got creepy.

I knew that this episode would reveal more about Shinka and her intentions, but what I got I didn’t particularly expect. So it turns out she’s really rather unpleasant, and wouldn’t have given Yuuta the time of day if he didnt have any connection to the past she wants to get rid of. I have to wonder how this will affect her popularity overall though, because she went from ‘eh’ to quite dislikeable pretty quickly for me. I’m also kind of confused as to why this is such a big deal to her. The only person who has any trace of her embarassing past self is Dekomori, and Dekomori doesn’t believe that Shinka is the legendary ‘Mori Summer’ anyway. She had no chance of her identity being exposed at all, but now she’s outed herself? I have a feeling this isnt the last questionable action she’ll take (…indeed, it isnt, she decides to remain in the club to protect her secret which is pretty ridiculous really but does promise some amusing clashes with the other club members). I’m hoping she doesn’t get too annoying though, if her shtick is going to just be ‘GRR GRR EVERYONE’S IMMATURE DONT LET ANYONE KNOW I USED TO BE IMMATURE’ it could get pretty old fast, but I’ll just have to see. Interesting that her personality could do a 180 and yet she’s still my least favourite character.
Dekomori and Rikka were cute though (Rikka seemingly taking a back-seat this episode, with the focus mostly being on Dekomori and Shinka) and I especially liked their choice in casual clothing. The best scene was definitely Shinka and Dekomori’s ridiculous battle – with Dekomori running up to the cheerleading ribbon Shinka threw and actually tying it around her arm to pretend that the attack was a success. That one little scene was just such a great piece of comic timing. Little things like this is the reason I like Kyoto Animation as much as I do.

Ribbon attack!
Curses, captured! I also want to say I really like Dekomori’s silly casual clothes; I’m expecting a few figure renditions with them.

Out of 5,

Episode 5

Dekomori, master of grace.

Rikka’s received some bad news – the future of her club rests on her mathematical ability. If she is unable to match the class average in the next test, it will face disbandment.  This is quite a problem for Rikka, as she is terrible at maths. Unsure what to do, she can only turn to Yuuta for help, who agrees to tutor her – enthusing her with rewards along the way.

Dekomori reveals herself to be a creepy genius. Why is she the underling again?
Yuuta’s little sister is too adorable.

This at first seemed like an episode where nothing would really happen, but then suddenly a lot more happens ‘plot-wise’ than anything else so far. Obviously it was still very funny – Dekomori being an idiot while cleaning the pool, Dekomori being not-an-idiot, Kumin being…Kumin, pretty much anything Rikka says, the hilariously ‘realistic’ game of House that Touka plays with Yuuta’s little sister…but the main things of interest were the parts that weren’t funny; the parts that again hint at drama underneath all the funny.
Rikka’s sister, Touka, is ‘always late on weeknights’, a fact which clearly causes Rikka a little distress. Rikka also reveals herself to have ‘no one in this dimension’ who acknowledges her existence besides Touka and Dekomori – it’s not exactly a surprise that she had no friends besides Dekomori, but it was a little of a surprise how she did actually seem quite upset when she said it. Then there’s of course what everyone else is talking about – the rising romance flags between Rikka and Yuuta. Now that Shinka has outed herself as not being so lovely, Yuuta’s crush on her is likely going to evaporate. (Maybe it has already, it hasn’t been bought up in the show since). And its really surprising how well it seems to be working. Yuuta putting on his chuunibyou persona to make Rikka feel better was actually really adorable.
In the end I really liked this episode; it took something usually mundane (studying for a test) and managed to inject quite a lot of character development into it. (as well as humour). I’m not entirely sure why Dekomori couldn’t have tutored Rikka if she’s so intelligent, but I suppose they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere that way.

Chuunibyou mode during the test was pretty cool.

Out of 5,

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