Once again, there are MAJOR SPOILERS!


Episode 6 Summary:

When we last left Saki and Satoru, the cavern they were in suddenly collapsed, trapping them underground.  Fortunately, Saki is able to somehow remember Satoru’s mantra, which restores his powers.  With his powers restored, Satoru is able to create an exit and the two kids emerge back into the aboveground world.  However, Satoru is now ready for revenge, and mercilessly cuts down any rogue goblinrats the two kids happen to meet on their path.

Are we witnessing Satoru’s first descent into darkness?

Be prepared to see a lot of forest in this episode.

Saki and Satoru eventually meet back with Squealer, who helps lead them to “safer” places.  Squealer’s colony was able to evacuate their queen, but the war is still raging on and Squealer is also bent on revenge.  It seems that the Tarantula colony of goblinrats is specifically targeting the two kids, and attacks on them mount.  And as powerful as Satoru seems, it appears that he is reaching his limit.  Unfortunately, Saki and Satoru soon find themselves face to face with the main army of the Tarantula colony, which is much larger than expected.

Episode 7 Summary:

Badass goblinrat right here.

After a small scuffle, Saki and Satoru are forced to run as Satoru can’t use his powers anymore.  After rescuing Squealer from two Tarantula units, a horn sounds off in the distance.  Reinforcements have arrived!  Squealer then leads the kids to the meet the leader of the reinforcement squad.  He is a large goblinrat by the name of Kiromaru.  Thanks to his help, the Tarantula army is wiped out, and their queen captured.  The general of the Tarantula army makes a last ditch effort to annihilate the kids, but Satoru uses his last remaining ounce of energy to save them all.

Later that night, Satoru (after recovering) shares his thoughts with Saki.  They’re still in grave danger, as Kiromaru leads a clan that is extremely loyal to humans.  Therefore, Kiromaru probably already knows of their rule-breaking, and is probably on orders to execute them.  Thus, Saki and Satoru must make a run for it yet again.  They are followed by Squealer, who ends up helping them.  Finally reaching the river’s shore, Saki and Satoru meet up with Shun, Maria, and Mamoru for the first time in two days.  But their reunion is short-lived as they must still return to the village.

Although he did get slightly annoying at times, I’ll still miss the dude.

Even while rowing their canoes as fast as they can, they are soon apprehended by Kiromaru and his army.  Fortunately, Kiromaru only wishes to aid them.  Thanks to his help, the kids finally make it back home to the human village.  Although they have escaped the forest with their lives, there seems to be numerous other obstacles in their way in the near future…

My Opinion:

As exciting as the goblinrat side story was, it was honestly dragging a bit long by episode 7 so I’m glad that’s been officially wrapped up now.  I know it’s just been three episodes since Saki and Satoru were on the run, but three episodes is A LOT by anime standards, and even then some parts seemed to have been cut out in episode 7 (ie. Saki and Satoru suddenly meeting with Shun and co. after a fade-out.  It was night then and when it fades in its morning.)  Plus I was just really happy to see the other three main characters again after such a long absence.

If you complained about episode 5 for its wonky animation, rest assured that the animation returns to normal in this episode.  Story-wise… eeehhhhhhh.  While this anime’s story-telling is still very strong, I found episodes 6 and 7 to be a bit on the dull side.  War stories are exciting and all, but it’s just not my thing.  Still, I would have preferred this over just one episode of condensed plot, so I guess I can’t complain much.  Shin Sekai Yori is very good at setting a mood, so watching this will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole thing.  And hey, we got to see the full extent of Satoru’s powers!

Although a lot of stuff happened action-wise, there’s not much for me to talk about.  The focus of these two episodes is strongly on the goblinrat war, so there’s not as much symbolism or foreshadowing as in past episodes.  I think that’s why I’m not as attached to these episodes—the past ones gave a heavy air of mystery and intrigue, and these two are just… fighting.  And more fighting.  Still the series does still reveal snippets of information relating to the extent of the kids powers here.  It seems that the kid’s powers aren’t sealed permanently as long as they still remember their “mantra.”

At the end of episode 7, there is some heavy foreshadowing.  It seems like the kids were able to smooth things over with the adults (as *spoilers* there’s a time skip next episode), but it’s pretty clear that they’re not entirely off scot-free at this point.  What dangers lie in store for them now?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Out of five for episodes 6 and 7:


I’m so happy to see these kids again (though Shun is off-screen).