so uh is there anyone who actually eagerly anticipates these reviews, because the off-chance there is, I’m sorry they always end up so late.  This just kept getting delayed over and over.

Rikka’s quite a good artist, actually.

Were you getting more and more interested in Rikka’s past, her relationship with her sister, and what exactly is happening with her family? Well, too bad, because this is an episode mostly about…wait for it… Isshiki. As in the only other male character with a name in this show, who isn’t remotely interesting. It turns out that there is someone who finds him interesting, though, he just received a love letter. He has no idea whom it may be from, though, and is also somewhat nervous…so he ends up roping in the others to help him out. Then, ‘disaster’ strikes – he ends up dropping the notebook in which he and the rest of the class had been ranking the girls by their looks, and it gets discovered, which lands him in a lot of trouble with the girls who are understandably annoyed and insulted.

At least the part about Rikka’s club uniforms was funny.

It’s entirely possible that other stuff happened in this episode as well but to be honest it was such a dull one I’ve mostly forgotten it. While I’m all for moeblob shows with more than one male character, is Isshiki really the best we can get? He isn’t likeable, he isn’t interesting, and he spends nearly a whole episode trying to make us feel sorry for him for getting in trouble for being a sexist prick. On the plus side, he atoned (…by shaving his head) but the whole thing was so overblown and melodramatic and I just couldn’t figure out why the show was trying to make me care about his “plight”.
I did enjoy more of Shinka vs Dekomori, at least, and Rikka is always a laugh, but I still fail to see how this episode was even necessary minus a few scenes -namely the ending.  (There’s also that nice scene where Rikka and Yuuta watch the train go past which was just a really nice piece of animation in my opinion.)

Behold, Isshiki’s shiny bald head.

Out of 5,

Episode 7

Best cap of the episode.

It’s time for The Beach Episode, but wait, this one actually has a plot! Rikka’s grandparents live near the beach, and Rikka, who had to visit them with Touka, wanted the others to come. Presumably. Actually, Touka asked Yuuta himself to come with them – why the others (including Ishikki, wtf) came was probably only to give designs for the eventual Beach Queen figures, but anyway, the actual beach portion of the episode was surprisingly short. Here is the episode we were waiting for – things are learned about Rikka’s family – not good things, either…and it becomes more and more obvious that her Chuunibyou tendencies are actually a coping mechanism.
Yuuta has already made up his mind on where he stands; and that’s by Rikka’s side, come what may. What comes is Touka, who seems rather cryptic in what exactly it is she wants Yuuta to do in regards to her sister…

Kumin is still delightfully adorable.

The Beach Queen figure announcements will be out by Winter Wonderfest, just watch.

After the dull episode 6, I was glad episode 7 was such a good one, even if it did take me ages to get around to watching it. Given the things revealed, the character-building and actual plot development, this is actually the best ‘beach episode’ of an anime I’ve ever seen (if it’s fair to call it that, anyway).
What I liked most of all about the episode though was the night-time colour palette – the bulk of the episode takes place at night, and the scenery looked quite gorgeous. There was a really beautiful mood in these scenes – especially the bike-riding ones, not to mention Rikka rediscovering her old home…or at least, where it used to be.
Rikka actually really pleases me as a character – she’s got all the standard moeblobbery bases down for maximum popularity, but she actually has a story, a past, a character.Which is like a small miracle in regards to the types of characters that usually reach her levels of popularity (she has an unauthorized creepy ona-hole already, go figure. Next Comiket should be interesting.), especially considering some of the annoyingly awful characters that have been popular recently (Kirino from OreImo and basically anyone from Tomodachi ga Sukunai spring to mind).  I’m really interested in that story of hers, so I’m looking forward to see how things are going to turn out for her. Also, her cuteness comes across as more genuine than forced in my humble opinion, although not everyone seems to agree on this. I really wouldn’t mind a figma of her, and I’m sure I won’t have to wait long for an announcement.

This part though pft. I really like that dress on her though.

That’s an alarmingly large block of land for a Japanese home; I wonder if her family was wealthy…?

Out of 5,