Parasol vs Ladle, the ultimate showdown.

Imagine a world where I actually made reviews for this after I saw the episode instead of taking forever and posting batch reviews for the episodes that aired before the episode that has just come out. Sadly, this isnt that world, although I’m going to try my best to have episode 10 as a solo review up as soon as possible.
Episode 8 ends where 7 left of, with Touka trying to force Rikka to accept reality – their father is dead, and she needs to move on. But Rikka doesn’t want to move on, so instead we get another flashy Chuunibyou battle that ends in Touka’s victory.  The happy little beach episode is cut short – Rikka doesn’t want to stay a second longer at her grandparents house, and only has Yuuta to help get her back home – after he finds her once she’s run away from Touka, that is. Except, once home, she learns she has forgotten her key and can’t open the door – meaning she has to stay the night at Yuuta’s.
In typical romcom fashion, circumstances have resulted in the two being the only ones in the whole apartment that night, and Rikka starts to notice some strange, preciously unknown feelings in regards to Yuuta.

Can there be an OVA about Yuuta’s past as the Dark Flame Master because it looks pretty hysterical.

Kumin you are too lovely for the dumbass with a crush on you.

It only now dawns on me that Rikka’s catchphrase for activating her “powers” – ‘Blast Reality,” “Banishment, This World” makes so much sense, engrish aside. Her Chuunibyou is a coping mechanism to escape from a reality she doesn’t want, after all. The way she said it to her sister at the start of this episode (and the end of the last one), with her voice so filled with emotion that hadnt previously been heard from her, really struck a chord with me. A lot of people have been complaining about the pacing and charcertisation in this show; and that Rikka’s more serious moments (particularly the romantic ones) feel forced and unnatural after so many episodes showing her as a quirky weirdo, but I disagree. Rikka’s a lot more than just a quirky weirdo, and I don’t think this part of her personality feels sudden at all – besides, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that there was something a little deeper to the way she acted. And after all, real life is sudden – Yuuta quite suddenly came into her life and quite suddenly became someone very important to her, so the change in her that he unknowingly triggered is anything but sudden to me.  Maybe it’s because I sympathise a lot with Rikka, having gone through a pretty similar phase to her myself (whether or not I grew out of it is up to individual opinion I suppose but that’s neither here nor there) so I never particularly saw her as a character who was just a particularly odd moeblob and nothing more.

I’m sure I’m the 500th person to say so but Rikka in Yuuta’s house really was just almost horrifically adorable though, as was her reaction to her awakening romantic feelings – still too childish to realize what they are at this point, of course, but then comes episode 9.


HNNGH wait, the eyepatch I understand but she wears the ribbon to bed too?

Out of 5,
Episode 9

Touka’s just really rad ok

Basically every character in the show who isn’t Yuuta or Rikka (…or well, maybe Kumin) can see how incredibly obvious the growing romance between those two, but Rikka, not understanding her new feelings, becomes confused and anxious around Yuuta. Due to Yuuta being too dense to realize and Rikka being too Chuunibyou, it’s up to Nibutani to, in a rare display of kindness (?) lend a hand. Well, to try to orchestrate a bunch of silly setups for romance that work in shojo manga, anyway. These things, however, can’t be forced…

I’ll be anticipating sleeping figures of Kumin announced at the next WonFes, if not before.

The butterflies in this scene was such a cute touch, as was the cat.

Well, that was adorable. Chuunibyou has gone bulldozing down the romance route but, unlike other people complaining about this, I don’t think it’s sacrificed a thing. (Guys, it’s right there in the name of the series, in case you forgot its called ‘even though I’m chuunibyou I want to love’. The romance is hardly unexpected.)
What exactly this means for Rikka and her chuunibyou is what is of main interest to me. If her chuunibyou represents her childish self that refuses to see reality – is accepting her crush on Yuuta going to break her out of it? Or will she remain such until she finally accepts her father’s death? Or perhaps we’ll see Yuuta give up on giving any more shits about what people think and they can be a hilarious chuunibyou couple – the Evil Eye and Dark Flame Master in blissful harmony, something like Isaac and Miria in Baccano!, I guess. That is, if Yuuta actually admits to himself what he feels for Rikka – it really says something about how slow and dense a guy must be if even Rikka realizes it before he does (although Rikka did have some help, I suppose…)
This whole episode was pretty delightful though, and the climatic scene on the roof in the sunset was really well done (Yuuta screaming Rikka’s name in fear struck me as an impressive vocal performance, maybe it’s just me.)

With a few more episodes to go towards the end, I’m guessing there’s going to be a complication that prevents them from getting together first that will need to be overcome for the climax of the series before the end.

I’m really baffled as to why such a dangerous structure exists on the roof in the first place.

…I guess I’m slow, but I never realized how short she was until now.

Out of 5,