Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai! Episode 10


I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I really like the eyes in this show. They dont look like K-On eyes, like most other things KyoAni is doing post K-On. (They’re similar, but the colouring is different.)

Just when I was worrying Yuuta might be too dense to act any differently after the last episode, he’s also fallen in love with Rikka. Of course, the two don’t know how the other feels and worry about what to do with their feelings – luckily, they each have a friend to confide in. In Yuuta’s case, Isshiki seems eager for him to be successful….but even after giving her blessings, Delomori seems sad and jealous about this newfound maturity of her precious ‘master’.

Eventually, the two manage the beautiful chuunibyou confession I was waiting for, and everything is fine!
…haha no of course it isn’t, there’s still two episodes to go so here’s the problem: Touka tells Yuuta that indulging Rikka’s chuunibyou fantasies is only going to hurt her in the long run. Especially now that, of all people, Rikka’s mother has finally shown up, at the school’s cultural festival the two were so looking forward to.
After barely just becoming a couple, Rikka and Yuuta are already facing serious tension as Rikka continues to push away reality…
Not sure how many people expected a serious Dekomori moment but this part was so sweet.
Including this mainly because I’ve barely included any pictures of Nibutani in these reviews. I still don’t like her much though.
KyoAni rarely disappoint when it comes to confession scenes. I like how pleasant and subdued this one was.

This episode showed a maturity I never expected to see in the beginning – especially for a show about immaturity. And I’m glad for it – as nice as it would be for Rikka and Yuuta to just laugh all their problems away, it’s never that easy. So many of these kind of shows will have the main couple getting together as the series ‘goal’ and ending with nothing to follow except the presumption that because they got together, everything is fine. I’m quite happy that this isn’t the case here, and I look forward to seeing how Rikka sorts her issues out.
Visually, this episode was gorgeous – again with lots of key night-time scenes (by now seemingly established as the strong point of the series) and a lovely mood, especially in that confession scene. Sappy, yes, but it was so adorable I don’t care. There was of course, one other confession in this episode, hilariously shot down, which amused the hell out of me. Sorry, Isshiki! Kumin’s not even remotely on your level.
But what I mostly didn’t expect that surprised and pleased me the most in this episode was Dekomori, who showed considerable depth for a character previously only seen as one-dimensional (not in a bad way, mind you, but still), and how she is dealing with her best friend changing. She’s younger than Rikka, so who knows if she too will continue to act in a chuunibyou way once she enters senior high school. It was just nice to see a serious moment of their friendship – they’re not just playing at being ‘master and servant’, they have a mutual respect for each other to the extent that Rikka sees Dekomori as someone she can confide in – even if this may be the first time.
Rikka’s mother’s appearance and personality was also surprising for me – we still don’t know why she ‘abandoned’ Rikka after her father died, but it’s looking more like she wasnt the one in the wrong and that it may have been Rikka that abandoned her. Gettin all emotionally invested in this show here.

and then Yuuta was the one with the Chuunibyou confession, the irony.

Out of 5,


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