Wow do I owe an apology for this. The week leading up to christmas was super busy, and I didn’t even get to see episode 12 until today even though it’s been out a week. But come on now its a miracle I was able to blog anything at all, let alone an entire series. Here’s hoping I can do something next season too.

these two are the cutest anime couple I’ve seen in ages.

Touka has now left, having been offered a job as a chef, and has left Rikka in her mother’s care. In order to ‘not upset’ her mother, Rikka is behaving as she believes a high school girl ought to -which means no Chuunibyou. She has quite a bit of trouble figuring out how to act ‘normally’, but now she’s making new friends and keeping her mother and grandparents happy, so everything is fine, right?
Of course it isn’t, stupid, and Yuuta can tell that Rikka is not happy with suppressing her true self, because her non-Chuunibyou self doesn’t really seem half as energetic or happy as the Rikka he knew. Tensions start to flare when Dekomori finds out, and everything eventually becomes a giant mess of emotions and dramatic crying.


A pity I couldn’t get a gif of this.

Dekomori was the best character in this episode.

When you put the synopsis like that, this episode sounds almost ridiculous – a dramatic episode full of emotion that happens because a girl has to act normally instead of like a lunatic. But it works, so well. I expected a lot of things when I started this show (namely the eventual romance) but never did I see it being anywhere near this emotional. The character who completely stole the emotion stage was Dekomori, possibly because she’s the last one you’d expect to see breaking down in tears. All these scenes were just done so well. It’s pretty telling how well done a scene is when it can get such an emotional reaction from such a ‘small’ thing, but Dekomori’s seiyuu really went all out.
Rikka was also striking in a different way because of how differently she was acting. We go through nearly the whole series thinking we know her, and then the Chuunibyou comes off and this is what is underneath. (More on that in the next episode, of course). The scene where she cleaned up her room to transform it into a ‘normal’ girls room, and then had to stop because she didn’t even know how that should look, kind of got to me a lot. Most of us watching this show are geeks or people with otherwise ’embarassing’ rooms with things that need to be hidden or taken down to create the illusion of normalcy, so I’m sure that was something to relate to for most. It definitely was for me.
Most striking of all was just how different this episode felt to the others – there was almost nothing to laugh at, and it was all very poignant. And yet, maybe it was just because of this that I found it such a good episode, because it was so memorable.

I just love the ‘camera angles’ and general art direction KyoAni does. Call them moeblob panderers if you will, but they’re fantastic with visuals.

oh no baby :c

Yuuta crying was somehow even more hard-hitting than Dekomori was.

Out of 5,


Episode 12


Rikka has finally gone to face her father’s grave, accept the truth and be done with her Chuunibyou nonsense. But, again, at what cost? Yuuta can only watch her seeming more and more unhappy. Her  ‘new’ personality has had quite an effect on everyone else: Dekomori shows up being ‘normal’ while Kumin decides to take Rikka’s place as the bearer of the ‘evil eye’, to the surprise of basically everyone, including the viewers. Yuuta realizes that perhaps, all  along, he has been entirely wrong about the reason for her Chuunibyou in the first place, and that he is the one who can set things the way she’ll be happiest again – the way he’s known best all along. Chuunibyou style.

Junior-High Rikka!

I was pretty unprepared for de-Chuunibyou’d Dekomori but…Chuunibyou Kumin I did not see coming in the least. That creeper face.


What a pleasant ending to a pleasantly intriguing little show.
Parts of this episode were quite surreal  (Dekomori stole the show again here, although Kumin could give her a run for her money. I’m quite sure that, once they make nendoroids and figmas of these characters, Dekomori would come with bonus parts to make her look how she does in this episode.) but also very lovely and beautiful. (The ethereal horizon part.) I actually don’t have all that much to say on this episode other than ‘well that was quite strange/lovely/beautiful/heart-warming’, but that’s how it was.
I’m not sure what the general consensus is, but I’m quite happy about the way it ended. I think that the ending (as well as a huge percentage of the series itself) was actually invented by KyoAni, because the novel still isn’t finished, but it felt quite natural. The problem is that the unfinished novel leaves plenty of opportunity for a sequel, which many people seem to want right now, but I just feel that it ended at a good place and that any more could ruin things a little, but who knows really.
I liked the fact that Yuuta was actually the cause of Rikka’s Chuunibyou all along – but not in a bad way, it was, true, still the coping mechanism he thought it was but it was also something that saved her more than anyone actually thought. Exactly why only Kumin seemed to know this I’m…not exactly sure, because I would have imagined that if Rikka had a heart-to-heart with anyone about it, it would be Dekomori. A possible plothole, or maybe Kumin’s just a lot more smarter and perceptive than she lets on. Or maybe ‘inheriting’ the evil eye did give her magical powers.

This part was so damn beautiful.

KyoAni, what gives? Rikka’s dad is one of the most important characters in this story and you don’t even give him a face?


Out of 5,


Overall Thoughts
Man how long has it been since I’ve blogged a series to completion here? The last was, what…Maria+Holic Alive?
Anyway, Chuunibyou is a really great little show that I couldn’t be happier to let become that big annoying thing all the otaku drool over, because it’s actually a good show this time. The simplicity of its plot works in its favour, but it has enough tweaks to ‘straightman boy meets weird girl’ to stay interesting and give you something to think about. Also, said straight-man (who isn’t 100% a striaghtman himself) Yuuta is just a really nice male character. This is pretty usual for KyoAni, but in a sea of shitty, awful, empty shell male characters fresh from the conveyor belt of the boring lamesass male lead factory these things are always really welcome. He’s a guy that actually deserves the affections of the lead girl rather than being entitled to it solely for being the main character.
I would rank this as my second favourite KyoAni show – Clannad still being my first – and heartily recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed anything they’ve done…and even if they haven’t, because there’s a lot more unexpected plot and character development here than in things like Lucky Star and K-On!.
I believe the best kinds of anime are the ones that make you feel something, with scenes you remember after you finished watching it, and Chuunibyou succeeds on that front. It mainly succeeds because the mood whiplash was so unexpected, but it succeeds none-the-less.

Anyway, a cute little show with a lot more to it than meets the eye, with gorgeous animation and entertaining characters. Out of 5 I give it,