Happy New Year everyone!  Have a review!

There appears to be no Shin Sekai Yori episode this week, but luckily there’s a new episode out for Aoi Sekai no Chushin de!  I said that I would be continuing this series after all.  Sadly, a new episode only comes out every three months, and the next one is set to be the last…

Well, we’ll worry about that detail later.  On to the review!

Unfortunately, Opal is still the designated “Miss Fanservice” for this series.


Gear and the rest of the gang spend most of this episode training for the upcoming raid on an enemy fortress in order to rescue General Alex.  Gear, Nel, and Opal end up getting trained by Tejirof who, despite his somewhat perverted personality, is a very good teacher.  During his training, Gear also gets a lot of information about the history of his world from Tejirof.  It turns out that Gear might be a “Killer,” a person who has abilities stronger than those of regular people.  Tejirof explains that it’s usually handed down through a bloodline, so one of Gear’s ancestors must have been a Killer.

Kind of a slow episode this time, but at least the backgrounds are nice enough looking?

Finally, the day of the raid arrives.  As Gear and co. take the rear of the fortress to free General Alex, they meet a downed spy (on their side) who asks them to absorb him.  However, Tejirof says that he’s far too weak to really be of any use.  As Gear and Nel wonder about the spy’s words, Opal explains: this is another ability special to Killers.  They are able to absorb the lives of other people in order to get stronger.  Gear is (understandably) horrified at the news.  However, they don’t have much time to talk as Bays, the strongest warrior of Tactoland, has appeared before them.  Tejirof quickly seals him in a tetris block prison, but it will only last 20 minutes at the most.

The Killers’ secret ability… which was foreshadowed pretty damn heavily in the first half of the episode so it wasn’t actually that much of a secret.

I don’t play enough video games to know what this guy’s supposed to be a reference to… Perhaps Bubble Bobble?

Gear and the others continue on with their mission.  Opal gets sent to be a decoy to lure away D. Fisher, another Killer.  Although Tejirof warned her only to lure him out of the way, Opal decides to fight D. Fisher one-on-one.  Meanwhile, Gear, Nel, and Tejirof finally arrive at the prison that General Alex is being kept in.  Once Gear opens the door, he is surprised to learn that General Alex is none other than… his own father.

I haven’t mentioned this before but I really like Gear’s eyes.

My Opinion:

Compared to the first episode of this mini-series, which was sillier and rushed by at a breakneck speed, this episode was rather slow.  But only in comparison.

I’m not sure if that’s exactly a good thing, though.  The first episode of Chushin de was really quite ridiculous, killing off the Tails equivalent character within the first few seconds of the episode.  Also, the introduction of the characters was similarly silly, because they more often than not it was made rather obvious which game character/franchise the characters represented.  But this episode turned that formula completely on its head, with lots of plot and world-building thrown at us.  The characters of this series are also shown to have much more of a personality than that which was established in their respective games.  I guess in a way it’s really nice that the characters have enough personality to function outside of being representations of video game franchises.

Although I personally liked the character and world-building, I think there will be a few people who are disappointed in this episode; which I can understand.  Many (like me) came to this series for its ridiculous premise.  Now that they’re actually taking things so seriously it does feel like that magical touch is lacking.  Perhaps they are taking themselves a bit too seriously, which is something that seems to ruin a lot of comedy anime.  Or maybe this was the actual tone of the manga—I wouldn’t know.  The wacky hijinks are now gone, and it seems like it’s just going to be serious plot from here on out.  I’ll still stick around for the last episode of this series though.  Although the plot has now changed from being ridiculous and generic to just being… generic, I’m still intrigued enough to want to watch more.

I’m thankful to say that the animation quality of this series is actually pretty good.  I suppose it should be, since the company making this had three months to work on it.  The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was the really unnecessary fanservice.  Seriously, it was really out of place in this episode.  But it’s still not as bad as a lot of anime out there so I’ll let it slide.

Overall, a decent episode.  How much you like it will depend on how much you can stand watching yet another generic anime story—except with characters that are stand in for games.  Definitely not as memorable as the first episode in that it’s not as silly, but it does  accomplish a lot in terms of character development and world-building which is pretty amazing for just one episode.

Out of five, I give this:

precure heart2 precure heart2 precure heart2 and 1/2

I chose to use Tejirof’s eyecatch instead of Nel’s, but then again I’m kind of biased. (Also he’s voiced by Kiema “I AM THE GOD OF GALGAMES” which is rather fitting funnily enough.)