Yeeeeep… It’s that time of year again.

Edit = Updated with a review of episode 2! (New material added shown in blue)

We’re starting off this new year in the worst way possible–with yet another series composed soley of two minute episodes.


In the first episode, two idol twins who I don’t know the name of find chibi versions of their friends and beg their producer (whom they creepily call “big brother”) to allow them to keep the chibis.  Despite his objections he ends up letting them keep it because cute idol girls.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Perfect reaction image for my feelings about this episode.

In the second episode, Producer’s assistant, Ricchan, is forced to deal with the trouble the puchis cause.  They each appear to have their own personality to boot, but unfortunately only have habits that cause a mess.

I suppose they were going for a “cute” look but these things are so super-deformed that they just look really creepy to me.

I think Ricchan is more entertaining to watch than these chibi monsters. :/

My Opinion:

I was really debating whether or not I should actually make a review for this since there’s barely any substance for me to talk about.  But I decided to go along with it anyway.  I’ve already gone over this before, but I feel like it needs repeating:  all these anime shorts are an extremely lazy move on the part of the producers.  And the worst thing is, it seems to be becoming a trend.  This winter anime season, there seems to be way more of these things than in past seasons.  Will full anime episodes actually become a rarity in the future?  I sincerely hope not.

Anyway, onto the actual episode review.  Um.  At least the ending song was rather good?  Though I guess that’s to be expected since this anime is based on the famous Idolmaster franchise, starring a cast of idol singers.  I confess, I don’t actually know much about the Idolmaster franchise, so you should definitely take my review with a grain of salt.  All I know is that it’s rather famous amongst Japanese otaku, so I guess a mini-series to cash in on the craze was to be expected.  However, I’m still annoyed by this series, and I would be even more pissed off if I were an Idolmaster fan.  They’re not even trying to hide the fact that this is just meant to get more money out of Idolmaster fans via merch that will inevitably result from this “anime.”  Hell, calling it an “anime” is giving it way too much credit.  The whole episode is two and a half minutes, but it includes and ending song and a little opener, so this episode was more like… a minute and a half?  Look, you can make anime shorts if you like, but at least make them long enough to get in more than just an unfunny gag!  A minute-long anime is basically just two 4-koma comics at most.  And having to wait a whole week for another one of these things is just insane!

After watching the second episode, my previous points still stand.  I think they’re actually releasing these episodes more often than just once a week, but they still lack substance.  It seems like the puchis (is that what they’re even called?) are the main focus of this series, which isn’t that surprising since this series is called “Puchimas”.  Still, I find the actual normal human characters to be far more entertaining.  The puchis have nothing going for them except being “cute” and annoying as hell but I suppose if I really wanted to watch the normal girls, I should just watch the original anime instead, huh?  I did a bit of research on this series and it apparently originated out of a bunch of 4-koma strips.  Were they really THAT popular to get their own (if really terrible) anime?  I guess whatever sells, sells; but really?  This series?

Overall, unless you really like Idolmaster and must see everything related to it, don’t even bother with this series.  It’s barely long enough to get its jokes in, and its jokes seem to be of the very lazy slapstick-related brand too.  To add insult to injury, the visuals aren’t even that great as far as anime goes.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

I would think having a chibi version of yourself that you carry around as a pet to be EXTREMELY CREEPY but okay.

You guys are probably sick to death of me and Moeronpan reviewing these types of anime, so in the future I’ll probably review them in batches so as not to spam the blog with such short reviews.