I said I would be doing batch reviews of the anime shorts this season, but this “anime” is so bad I needed to get this out now.



There are three four girls who are part of a high school manga club.  They try to be cute and funny but all they do is really stupid unfunny crap so they just come off as stupid and unfunny.  Because randomness in this age of anime is so totally, like, FUNNY am I right loljk!!!!1111


My Opinion:

I think I might have acquired one of Moeronpan’s pet peeves, because there are very few things that make me mad about anime, and they are blantant fanservice series, bullshit incest anime (often synonymous with the fanservice), and series that think they’re so funny but really aren’t.  Ai Mai Mii fulfills that last point.  And oh is it unfunny.

Perhaps I have finally reached “adulthood” because all this RANDOMNESS111 crap is getting older than Mona Lisa.  Sure, I used to think being random was really funny… when I was a preteen/teen.  Randomness is only funny because it’s stupid, but stupidity can only take humor so far.  After that, it’s not so much funny as really embarrassing to watch.  It also makes for a barely coherent piece of animation, which is what Ai Mai Mii is.  I suppose you don’t really need much plot for the series’ premise (three four girls in a manga club), but come on.  You can do better than having the girls act like insane lunatics.  Trust me, it’s not endearing at all.  And if you think I’m exaggerating about the “insane lunatics part,” in the last half of this episode, they laugh hysterically about a word.  A single word.  And then a fourth girl pops in and randomly mourns the death of a fictional comedian.  Sure.  Okay then.

You can tell the producers think this is a crap series also because HOLY DAMN LOOK AT THAT ANIMATION.  I really hate the marketing mentality that “shorter series = we can spend less time/money on it” but my god.  This is one of the worst animated series I’ve seen in a while yet.  Perhaps they were going for the Crayon Shin-chan look, but there are places where it shows that they could obviously make a good product if they actually tried.  Which I don’t think they did for this series at all.  Hell, Large Bagel looks better than this pile of crap, and that’s an original parody series drawn/animated by one guy! (but seriously, everyone should check out the Large Bagel webcomic asap)

This brings me onto another point, and one that I’ve been worrying about since anime shorts started becoming popular.  I’m worried that producers will continue to churn out these (mostly) crappy shorts of barely-known series instead of investing money into making a proper anime for a more popular series.  Or even worse, they’ll take a popular series and make anime shorts out of it because it’s far less risky than making an actual full-length anime.  Unfortunately, all they’re doing by following this scheme is consistently making terrible anime, making the fans unhappy and making less money off of it in the long-run.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  Sure, there ARE a few series that went on to get proper anime seasons after debuting as a short (that Haiyore! Nyaruko-san series is one I can think of) but that’s pretty rare.

Uh, I kind of got side-tracked there, whoops.  Anyway…

Overall, you should avoid this series.  Give it a try if you want, but I doubt you would like it very much.  Ai Mai Mii seems to cater to a very small niche audience (one that loves random shit for the sake of randomness).  If you really want a comedic fix that has elements of randomness in it, then try Nichijou instead.  It’s a much better series, in that it’s better animated and, you know, actually funny.

Out of five for this episode:


This garbage doesn’t deserve anything more.

It means you’re all idiots.