The war between humans and demons has been going on for 15 years now.  One day, a Hero (who is literally just called that throughout the whole episode) finally makes it to the Demon King’s stronghold, hoping to kill the demon and end this war.  Unexpectedly, he finds the Demon King to actually be a woman (apparently, “Demon King” is just a title).  Even more surprisingly, the Demon King is shown to be rather pleasant, and wishes not to fight the Hero.  Instead, she makes him an offer—she wants him to help her end the war, and in return, she’ll pledge herself to him.

The Demon King definitely grew on me over the course of the episode. Her boobs are still a little ridiculous, though.

If you love lovely landscapes, you should watch this series.

However, ending the war is not a simple task.  The only reason that the war has been kept going is because it provides riches for the Central Nation.  Meanwhile, the outer nations must continue fighting in order to be able to feed their people, as the human production of food is not enough to support all of human civilization as it is.  The Hero is devastated to hear this, and so eventually agrees to help the Demon King carry out her plan.  However, it’s not going to be easy, and a few lives may be lost in the process.  Even so, the Hero and Demon King make a contract with each other to bring about the end of the war in a way that will benefit both races.

Augh, this scene was almost heartwrenching to watch…

This series ships these two so hard and it’s only the first episode.

My Opinion:

This was not what I was expecting at all.  Sure I knew a brief summary of what was going to happen, but this series is much more political, economical, and philosophical than I could have imagined when I first heard of it.  And that’s not a bad thing.

I think this series is similar to Spice and Wolf in that there’s a lot of economics going on.  (Though I’ve never seen Spice and Wolf so I could be off-base.)  What I like most about this series based on the first episode is that they take a very realistic approach when handling the war.  In many anime and games, it’s simply “humans kill all demons, humans win and everything is good and happy.”  But this anime shows that war isn’t as simple as all that.  After the war ends, then what?  Will people really be “happy?”  What will they do about famine and hunger afterwards, if only a few kingdoms are able to produce crops?

I also like that the “demons” aren’t demonized.  They’re facing the same situation that the humans are, and the humans (usually painted as “the good guys” in many series) can be very evil too.  I know that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is not the first series to pull the “demons aren’t really the bad guys” trope, but it’s always refreshing when an anime does this.

From the opening alone, there seems like there’s going to be a lot of characters.  Although we do see a few glances of the side-characters in this episode, it’s really only the Hero and the Demon King that get fleshed out, and that’s perfectly fine.  While I did find their instant attraction and “lovey-dovey” antics to be a bit cheesy, the series does a good job of showing how their relationship develops from a (one-sided) animosity to somewhat friends.  Their personalities so far are also very realistic, and I like that the Hero cares enough about his people to actually listen to the Demon King’s reasoning.

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone to watch this episode.  The animation for this series (so far) is lovely.  The only possible bad points are that the story does progress a bit slowly (since it’s heavily political) and I found a few of the jokes and fanservice to be awkward and out of place.  At this point, the series could go either way (good or bad), but it has a very strong opening episode so it seems very promising.

Out of five:

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Sadly, I don’t have the time to review this series.  I already have Shin Sekai Yori to do, and I don’t really want another deep, philosophical series to take on while still reviewing that.  I might continue watching this on the side though.

Although this episode got a little bit too shippy at times, I have to admit that this scene was really cute.