As always, there are HUGE SPOILERS.

Also, the review might seem a bit shorter this time.  I guess reviewing anime back-to-back isn’t exactly the best of ideas.  I’m going to take a slight break–see you guys again in a few days when I do the next First Impression!

That’s not ominous foreshadowing at all!


After spending a day at the snow hut, Satoru decides to return to the village in order to make an excuse as to why he, Saki, and Maria never returned to the school.  Saki sets out afterwards, with Maria deciding to stay behind to watch over Mamoru.  However, once Saki returns to the village, she is immediately brought in to be interrogated by the Education Committee.  Although she tries to hide things at first, Saki eventually just tells it as it is: Mamoru ran away because he was scared of being killed off by the Education Committee.  This angers the council, and Saki is very nearly disposed off too, but Tomiko comes to her aid.

I love the art shift in this episode whenever Maria and Mamoru are brought up.

Tomiko to the rescue!

Tomiko feels partially responsible for the mess, and tells Saki in a private meeting later that Saki and her friends are special.  Unlike the other students, who have been sleep hypnotized since their youth in order to control dangerous thoughts, Saki and her friends never underwent that, and so had some form of free will.  Of course, Saki isn’t exactly thrilled by this new revelation.  Nonetheless, Tomiko asks that Saki bring back her friends, because two rogue students with such powers are dangerous to the safety of the last remnants of humanity.  Tomiko gives Saki three days to find them, as that is the amount of time she can hold off the Education Committee.  After that, there’s no telling what they might do.

We finally get a good look at the Cats! And apparently there are three different subbing groups for this series as these cats have been called by three different names already.

Before Saki sets off, Tomiko lets Saki in on one last secret.  Although Tomiko doesn’t have particularly strong powers, she has something that makes her so highly respected amongst the Education Committee: time.  Tomiko is actually 267 years old.  The reason she’s been able to live so long (and looks so young), is because of her ability to restore her telomeres.  She also hints at wanting to teach Saki this technique, before finally sending Saki off.  Saki meets with Satoru on the trip out of the village, and the two return to the snow hut… only to find it missing.

Suddenly; SCIENCE!

My Opinion:

Man, this series is just pounding out new revelation after revelation with each episode, isn’t it?  And amazingly, it still manages to be shocking each time.

I wasn’t expecting Tomiko’s youthfulness to be explained so soon after meeting her, but there it is.  And once again, we are shown that Saki’s society is not as peaceful and carefree as first appears.  It seems like the Education Committee may rise up to be the biggest antagonist of this series, as the council members in this episode were far from being kind.

Tomiko’s talk with Saki bears a lot of foreshadowing about how Maria and Mamoru might turn out.  They are two very emotionally unstable teens with mind powers, so it’s not farfetched to fear that they might eventually “break” and become Fiends.  Although Tomiko guarantees the safety of the two should they return, I have a feeling the end result of this incident will still be rather tragic.  The next episode preview shows Saki and Satoru meeting up with Squealer and the goblinrats once again, but this time it’s on a much more ominous note.

Overall, a good episode on par with the rest this series so far.  There’s not much more I can say about this episode.  The only criticism I have is that the animation quality seems to be going down slightly.  I hope that this isn’t a permanent thing.

Out of five:

precure heart2 precure heart2 precure heart2 and 1/2