this happens like 3 times in the one episode and again in the next episode preview i shit you not

Boobs! Boobs! Wow, look at all these boobs! There’s so many! Big boobs, bigger boobs, and even bigger boobs! See how they bounce and fly through the air! Watch them smoosh up on things and get groped! Marvel at how they defy gravity, jiggle like jelly when someone breathes near them! Gaze in wonder at how they warp the fabric that surrounds them to cover them as neatly as though the clothes were actually painted on! Boobs! Boobs! Wow!

These two could have had decent character designs if it werent for the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooobs

hey this piece of shit didn’t even try why should I.

are you fuckin kidding me what is even happening with those things do you even understand how fabric works

Out of 5,