I love how this series is classified as a “love comedy” when this is the most depressing first episode I’ve seen this winter season, holy crap.


Haruka Kotoura is a girl who has the ability to read minds ever since her birth.  Unfortunately, this ability only causes pain for her as she can’t control it, leading classmates to claim that she’s lying and eventually causing both her parents to abandon her in the care of her grandfather.  Now a high school student, she eventually just shuns everyone she meets in the fear that they’ll just abandon her and she’ll get hurt again.  However, there is one particular student that she just can’t shake off: a young man named Manabe.



Manabe, unlike many other classmates, is actually amazed by her mind-reading ability instead of being scared of it.  And even though he does find out about it, he still decides to stay by her side.  Although Haruka tries to push him away at first, she eventually warms up to him and they become fast friends.  He’s still a bit of a pervert, though.

Are you guys ready for MOOD WHIPLASH?!

He’s weird but I guess his personality’s a good match for Haruka’s ESP powers.

My Opinion:

Aal;skdfja;sdkf this episode.  I think some people might find it too overly melodramatic, but I personally loved it.

The first half of the episode basically deals with how shitty Haruka’s life is, and it keeps getting worse (and oh how bad it gets).  But then by the halfway point, we meet Manabe, who’s like a shining ray of hope in Haruka’s desolate world.  It’s cheesy as hell but I don’t care—I already love these two’s relationship.

The story so far seems like it has a great potential to be interesting.  Teenagers with ESP aren’t exactly a novel thing in anime, but I like that it’s treated realistically (well, as realistically as anime can get).  While teens with magical powers often have them with no repercussions on their daily lives, this series shows that being this unique gains you a lot of isolation because honestly; who wouldn’t be scared of a girl who can read your every thoughts?  I can already tell that Haruka and Manabe are going to be this series’ main ship, but it should still be fun watching them develop their relationship.  The first half of this episode is the most depressing thing ever, but if you can get past that this series seems like it’s going to be a really inspiring anime.  Haruka’s mother features heavily in the opening so we’ll definitely get to see more of her too, which will undoubtedly cause lots of drama.  That, I’m not looking forward to so much…

We’ve only really been introduced to two of the main characters so far: Haruka and Manabe.  Haruka seems like she’s going to go through a lot of character development so I can’t say anything definite about her personality yet.  Manabe seems to be the comic relief main male lead, but at least he’s likeable enough.  Character designs in this series are a bit on the bland side, except for Haruka who has multi-gradient hair (which is fitting given her unique powers).  Still, it’s good enough for this series, and the focus is really more on their personality than looks anyway.

Overall, this series ended up being surprisingly good.  I am hooked, and can’t wait for the next episode.  I know it’s going to be a lot on my plate, but I think I’ll take this on to review.  I’ll have to wait until the second episode to see if I’ll stick with it, though.

Out of five:

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