In this episode of Shin Sekai Yori… even more snow!


Saki and Satoru continue on into the wilderness in an attempt to find and bring back Mamoru and Maria.  Eventually, they find themselves to be spied upon by a goblinrat.  After the goblinrat bolts, Saki and Satoru try to capture it, but Saki ends up falling through thin ice instead.  When she wakes up, she finds Satoru and herself to be in the midst of Squealer’s colony.  Squealer’s colony is now much more advanced than before, and quickly gaining power as they have conquered several other colonies.  They also appear to have a new way of conducting government matters also, choosing to decide things with a council instead of relying on their Queen.

Oh yeah, Squealer is now called Yakomaru but Satoru and Saki still call him by his old name so I will too.

A rather pretty colony with a dark secret…

When Saki and Satoru ask to give greetings to the Queen, Squealer reluctantly takes them to a large concrete building.  The Queen is now in a sorry state, simply lying on her back with blank eyes.  The only thing she is capable of now is giving birth to the new members that will populate Squealer’s colony.  The Queen had to be kept in this way because she was going mad, or so Squealer claims.  But since she is the only one who can give birth, they couldn’t get rid of her completely.  Saki and Satoru are horrified at the news, and Satoru briefly wonders if the goblinrats are planning to take over human society.

Squealer you are not making yourself any less suspicious.

Probably the most “wham” line in the episode.

The next morning, Squealer takes Saki and Satoru to another colony’s stronghold.  It’s apparently the one that the other goblinrat, Squoink, belongs to.  Satoru reluctantly has to use his powers to get them to talk.  Eventually, Squoink is found, but he has no idea where Mamoru and Maria went as they parted ways.  All that’s left of the two kids is a letter, which Squoink hands over to Saki to read.

My Opinion:

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Squealer again.  I personally found the goblinrat sub-plot in earlier episodes to be a bit boring.  But it seems that Squealer’s re-appearance is building up to much greater and more drastic things, so it turned out not to be so bad.

As with the latest batch of episodes, this episode is very heavy on the conversations and plot, and very light on the action.  Most of this episode was spent discussing the new state of Squealer’s colony.  One important thing that came out of it was Satoru’s surprise at the concrete building.  Apparently, none of the human villages build using concrete anymore.  This makes Satoru wonder if the goblinrats are taking on technologies that the humans have abandoned.  But that also brings up another question: where did the goblinrats learn of this technology?  Satoru hypothesizes that they could have learnt it from a False Minoshiro, but could there be other factors involved?

Once again, Squealer shows himself to be an extremely suspicious character.  Although he does obey Saki and Satoru, he seems to have many hidden motivations.  He is also shown to be very reluctant about doing what the kids want, proving that he may be growing tired of being bossed around by the humans.  In one conversation he had with Saki and Satoru, he offhandedly mentions that intelligent creatures have the right to be treated equally.  This, along with Satoru’s words, heavily foreshadow a coming war pitting the humans against the goblinrat colonies.

Although Shin Sekai Yori’s plot is just as interesting as ever, it seems that this lower quality of animation is here to stay.  If you were to compare this episode to, say, episode 1-4, you would notice a BIG difference in quality.  Saki’s face seems to look more awkward more often, especially in close-ups.  I suppose that A-1 Pictures is running out of funding on this series by now (or are saving the money for the finale), but it’s still a bit sad whenever an anime like this starts suffering from low animation.  I suppose the high quality had been kept for far longer than most series out there, though.

Anyway, this is another solid episode from an anime that just keeps on delivering.  If you’ve watched this far already, then you won’t be disappointed.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2 precure heart2 precure heart2 and 1/2