can this ridiculously long title fad just end already

‘Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?’ Apparently so. I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes two of them ‘problem children’, but three kids with special powers receive a letter inviting them to another world. Which seems rather pointless as they are then zapped into the world anyway. There’s a delinquent with super strength, a rich young lady who can make any living thing do what she wants, and a reserved girl with her cat who can talk to animals. They are greeted in the world they were spirited away to by a generic-looking anime bunnygirl who tells them her name is Black Rabbit despite the fact that she is clearly blue.
She proceeds to tell them about how she wants them all to come to the ‘Little Garden’ where they can play ‘Gift Games’ – special games with high stakes where you can bet anything and win anything that apparently range from simple to life-threatening. The three kids are all ‘ok whatever’ because they have nothing better to do.

Sometimes the rabbit is pink too.

If I had to guess (which I did) I would have said that Mondai-tachi was based on a pachinko game and it didn’t survive the transition to anime very well, granted that it’s mostly one gigantic info-dump consisting solely of game rules, like some kind of animated video game instruction manuel. Pachinko anime aren’t new, and have even managed to have a plot (remember when I reviewed Umi Monogatari?), and it would make sense with the betting and such. But I was wrong, this was based on a light novel, although the stupid title should have given that away anyway. Which I find highly perplexing because this is one of the most game-tastic anime I have ever seen that wasn’t actually a game. I can’t even imagine what reading it would be like.
Sitting through this show was highly frustrating to me, and not because of the silly plot. Everything was just so boring. Even the kids themselves seem to hardly react to this strange new world, as if they’re just as disinterested as I was. I didn’t even watch this whole show in one sitting because I was finding it so dull, I had to watch half of it yesterday and the rest today – because it just does so little to get you to care about this world. It throws a giant set of rules in your face via the rabbits babbling and expects you to invest the energy required to give a damn, which I just wasnt up to. There’s nothing remotely special about anything, from the character designs to the generic RPG fantasy land (‘its a very multicultural place!’ says the guide shota as the camera pans across a crowd of white people with various animal ears) and I probably would have forgotten I even watched it because of how much impression it lacked. I couldn’t even muster the energy to harbour any actual active dislike towards it, it was so inoffensively dull.
But then, there was some glimmer of hope to it. Right when I was about to write this one off, the end of the episode presents the possibility that there is a deeper reason behind why the kids were summoned. (Well, deeper than playing dumb games, anyway). We can’t find out until the next episode, but despite my attitude to this episode for most of its run time….I actually want to know. It could be something, could be nothing, but there’s only one way to find out, so I’m hesitant to completely disregard this series at the moment until I see the next episode.
Plus, the ending card was drawn by Noizi Ito so I feel some obligation to acknowledge it at least a little more.

The cat hitting on the catgirl in catspeak got a smile from me though.

Out of 5,