Possibly my last anime to review for the First Impressions of this anime season. Let’s see how well it fared!

This is what Sword Art Online should have been.

Episode 1:

The Demon King has revived after having been sealed for a thousand years by a great hero.  A large number of demons/monsters are now terrorizing the lands, so the King searches (not very hard) for the Hero’s descendants to defeat the Demon King.  He ends up gathering 75 of them, but whatever; the more heroes there are, the more likely it is that the Demon King will be defeated right?

Thus begins Alba’s journey, as Hero #45.  He’s accompanied by the royal soldier Ros, who’s sole purpose in this anime is making Alba’s life miserable.

Wooser what are you doing in this anime?! I thought I’d never have to see your mug again after the fall anime season ended. >:/

This is the best monster enemy ever.

Episode 2:

Alba decides to go on a quest set out by a nearby village.  There are monsters infesting the caves nearby, in dire need of a hero to clear them.  Unfortunately, once Alba arrives there’s already a long line of heroes who are also planning to clear out the caves.  Thus, Alba gives up and somehow winds up stabbing an innocent young girl (…long story).  After getting revived by Ros, the girl shows that she may not be as innocent as she looks after all!

I-It’s not like I stabbed you because I like you or anything! Baka!

DON’T WORRY she got better! (eventually)

My Opinion:


Honestly, I think this is one of the better fantasy anime out there that’s in this vein.  The reason why I find it so good is because it makes fun of long-standing Japanese Fantasy RPG cliches in clever ways.  Sure the show is also a bit stupid and random at times, but in this case, it works.  Alba DOES fall into the “scream all the time” comedy character trope, but it works here because there’s Ros to balance things out.  He’s the wise guy in the comedy due, to counter Alba’s straight man act.  It’s a common staple in comedy, but it’s genuinely funny when done right.

The animation is very simplistic, but I think it works for the mood of this series, which is essentially a gag anime.  Character-wise, Alba’s kind of bland as he’s the “classic” hero archetype.  Ros, however, is pretty much stealing the show.  Ros (who’s pretty obviously a parody of Cloud from the Final Fanasy games) is just such a deadpan snarker about everything and I love him. There’s also a little girl introduced in episode 2, but I can’t be sure of her personality yet ’cause she came in at the end.

Overall, I suppose I am a little biased about this anime since I was getting sick of really pretentious fantasy anime, but I think this is comedy series that actually lives up to its genre.  If you love Japanese fantasy RPG games, you should definitely give this a try.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be reviewing this because it’s not well suited to an episodic review.  Although I might do a review of the series as a whole once it ends…

Out of five:

precure heart2 precure heart2 precure heart2 precure heart2

What a tweest!