confound this object-head fetish of mine

Sasami is kind enough to explain to the viewers exactly what on earth happened in the last episode, and then some: apparently, she once held the power of the goddess Amaterasu, which could literally change the world any way it saw fit by having the ‘myriad Gods’ (which, as Shintoism dictates, inhabits all things)do literally anything to match what Amaretasu desires – yet she managed to contain it without mishap (or so we are led to assume). However, recently and for reasons unclear the power was transferred to her (likely oblivious) brother Kamiomi, who can’t keep it in check the way she could. Hence, his desire to find chocolate for Sasami in the first episode resulted in the chocopalypse (caused by the myriad gods trying to meet his Will) until the three Yagami sisters saved the day. (Now there’s a synopsis you could probably show to nearly any seasoned anime fan and they’d say ‘so SHAFT is animating, right?’) Anyway, who these girls are exactly (besides a fellow teacher of Kamiomi’s (Tsurugi), a student of Kamiomi’s (Kagami) and a grade-schooler with the body of an adult (Tama) anyway) is still not clear, but Sasami already doesn’t like them. Which is a pity for her because they invite themselves to her house to use some of her 10 computers in order to investigate a popular Social Networking game that has left people so addicted they aren’t coming to school. The exact cause isn’t what any of them expected, though.

She’s probably my favourite of the Yagamis so far. The lab coat helps.

dem SHAFT reaction faces

Should I even be finding him as adorkable as I do, I can’t help it.

If there’s one thing that worries me about this show it’s that how-the-hell-is-that-an-elementary-schooler-Tama is going to get very annoying very quickly, but we’ll see. She’s definitely my least favourite character at any rate.
The reveal on ‘what the hell happened in episode 1’ was actually what many other people had already guessed – that Kamiomi caused it himself by looking for chocolate – his Hare Hare Yukai dance being a pretty clever foreshadowing of this.¬† I myself hadn’t really speculated much at that point because SHAFT are always throwing red herrings into their shows (although I kind of wonder if they were even allowed to use that dance, wouldn’t KyoAni own the rights to it? I guess no one really knows or cares.) Besides Amaterasu, there’s a heavy emphasis on japanese mythology in this show – the 3 Yagami sisters have names derived from the Holy Trinity of items used by key gods and goddesses, for one thing. (Interestingly, it’s the mirror(Kagami) and gem (Tama) that were used in a famous myth to lure the goddess Amaterasu herself out of a cave to restore sunlight to the world, and I am positive this detail will be important for the show given Sasami’s reluctance to leave her own ‘cave’. There’s also the famous beast Yamato no Orochi – mythologically slain with the holy sword (Tsurugi) but in this episode brought under control by Sasami herself. The inclusion of such a monster makes me wonder if even more mythological Japanese beasts are going to appear. So far we’ve had a world of chocolate and people’s souls being transported into an apparently crappy social network RPG, so I really can’t wait to see what the will of Amaterasu pulls off next.
While this episode lacked what made the first one so memorable¬† (the sudden inexplicability of everything) it was still a surprisingly engaging episode – given that most of it was a view of everyone on a computer.¬† The visual punch is still here and (all but one of) the characters are still endearing, and I’m still looking forward to exactly why the things that are happening are happening (Sasami must have had Amaterasu’s power for a reason, and it must have left her for her brother for another reason). And honestly, it was just really damn funny.
This series is really going to prove a challenge to write about, but let’s hope I’ll be able to stick with it all the way through.

…then again, Kagami could be my favourite Yagami too. Who knows. It’s definitely not Tama though.

This part was actually really pretty.

Man, episode 2 and already some SHAFT-QUALITY? Oh well.

Out of 5,