Apparently their classmates ship them as much as I do.


After Manabe’s confession, the whole school now considers Manabe and Kotoura a couple, much to Moritani’s chagrin.  However, both Manabe and Kotoura have a slight dilemma—Manabe doesn’t realize that Kotoura heard his confession, so Kotoura tries to keep it a secret.  Seeing this, Yuriko attempts to persuade Kotoura to confess her true feelings to Manabe since it’s pretty obvious.  Thus, Kotoura ends up deciding to make an obento for Manabe.


…And that’s the moment they realized that Kotoura was completely tone-deaf.

Meanwhile, Moritani, still smarting from her rejection, decides to get revenge on Manabe by getting the students at her family’s dojo to beat up him up.  Of course this massively backfires and Manabe ends up getting injured to the point of having to be admitted to a hospital.  After hearing such news, Moritani is greatly distressed and regrets her rash behavior.  Kotoura, with her telepathy, realizes what happened right away.  However, she decides to forgive Moritani and rushes to the hospital to see Manabe.  Fortunately, he seems okay, albeit a little worse for wear.  Although Kotoura is glad that Manabe cares for her so much, she’s saddened that he got hurt for being with her, and blames herself for causing this mess.  Thus, she quickly and quietly leaves school and even moves away.  Even despite all this, Manabe (after being released from the hospital) vows that he will find her again, one way or another.


I know she’s going to eventually become Kotoura’s friend too, but it’s going to take a lot for people to stop hating her after what she’s done…

My Opinion:


The first half of this episode was really enjoyable, because I thought it was great that we could just see Kotoura having fun.  And trust me, that girl deserves it after having such a crappy life.  However, I knew that wouldn’t last long, and wouldn’t you know it, Moritani came along.

To be honest, I was surprised that Moritani choose to get revenge on MANABE instead of Kotoura.  I mean, Manabe is the guy she has a huge crush on!  But I guess she was most angry at him in the last episode after his confession, so that’s why she sent her thugs on Manabe.  Even though seeing Manabe getting beat up is uncomfortable to watch, I’m really glad that Kotoura wasn’t the target.  Because I was really dreading something horrible happening to poor Kotoura and I did not want that thought to come true.

Although Yuriko is acting nice, it appears that she’s still somewhat morally ambiguous.  She claims that she’s only acting like this to use Kotoura for her own ends, but Daichi’s statement says otherwise.  The exchange between them (after the karaoke bit) implies that Yuriko really does genuinely care about Kotoura.  But will her need to achieve her goal end up ruining their good relationship in the future?  Only time will tell.

Overall, this was a great (and also heartbreaking) episode.  This episode also wonderfully showcased just how mood-whiplashy this series can get.  The karaoke bit was hilarious, and soon after that we get… Manabe getting beat up and sent to a hospital.  This seems pretty standard for this series by now, so if you don’t like laughing one moment and then having your heart ripped out the next in such a short span of time, then this series just isn’t for you.

I wasn’t expecting Kotoura to run away so quickly and so early in this series, but it appears that she’ll (hopefully) be back by next episode.  Manabe, do your best!

Out of five:

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Don’t give up hope yet, Manabe!