I’ve stopped doing it consistently for now, but as always there are huge SPOILERS!



Saki is now 26, and her occupation is to breed mole rats and maintain order among the goblinrat colonies.  However, Saki greatly despises her job, probably because of her experience with the rats as a teen.  One day, she suddenly gets a visit from Satoru, who says that a rat colony that was working under him was ambushed by another colony.

Soon after, an important meeting is held, which Saki presides over.  The people gathered there are the most important members of Saki’s village, including Tomoe.  Eventually, Kiroumaru (leader of the Giant Hornet colony) and Yakomaru (leader of the Robber Fly colony) are brought in for questioning.  It appears that hostilities have arisen between the two powerful colonies because they are both set on conquering the Goat Moth colony, one of the few remaining neutral colonies left.  Kiroumaru and Yakomaru are also at odds because of their differences in opinion: Kiroumaru’s colony still serves under a queen, while Yakomaru’s colony has relegated the queens to reproduction and have set up a democracy.  Both goblinrats fling blame for the ambush on each other, so the meeting gets adjourned with no decision being reached.

Is it just me or does Tomoe actually look *younger* than before? Maybe she just rejuvenated her telomeres here or something?

There are a lot of close-ups on peoples’ sweating faces this episode. You have been warned.

Nice good/evil color scheme you have going there Shin Sekai Yori. (Kiroumaru’s dressed in blue and has blue eyes while Yakomaru’s dressed in red and has red eyes)

Later on, Saki observes Kiroumaru leading his troops into battle against another colony.  The goblinrats now have guns, and a co-worker of Saki’s remarks that the rats’ intelligence frightens him.  He believes that the rats must have acquired their knowledge from an outside source, and Saki briefly remembers the False Minoshiro.  A few days after that, Satoru once again pays a visit to Saki, though this time he has grave news.  The Giant Hornet army has been completely annihilated.

My Opinion:

More goblinrat politics oh boy!  Fortunately, I found this to be much less boring than what we’ve seen in past episodes.

There’s really not too much to talk about this episode, as a large chunk of the episode was just characters discussing the current goblinrat situation.  It’s pretty interesting to see Kiroumaru again though.  Yakomaru, on the other hand, is just as sneaky as the first time we’ve seen him, so nothing new on his end.  It’s also interesting to note that the goblinrats now have greater weapon technology (guns?!).  Even though the humans have telekinetic powers, I think a gun would still be rather deadly to them if they were unprepared.  At this point it’s pretty much guaranteed that one of the goblinrat colonies will try to take over humanity, possibly using modern warfare.

On to other things… Saki and Satoru are now adults!  That was… a fairly large time skip this time.  Saki mentions off-handedly that she and Satoru had a falling out over something, which was why she was so hostile to him when they first met in this episode.  I wonder if that will ever be explained or if their relationship will be repaired?  (I think they may have reconciled off-screen in this episode already actually.)  We also get a brand new ED song!  I think the song was the one used in the OP last episode, but I could be wrong.  The animation for the new ED is absolutely gorgeous and also has tons of foreshadowing.  Slight spoilery speculation ahead:

The ED seems to imply that Saki is going to become the savoir of mankind or something.  It seems like the rest of humanity will be wiped out somehow, possibly due to the goblinrats or Maria’s doing.  So it might be left up to Saki to repopulate the world.

Overall, a very slow but decent episode.  It’s not the most fun episode to watch, but it’s important in order to progress the story so I won’t criticize it too harshly.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2