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Did you think Sasami was just a rather wealthy hikkikomori? It turns out she’s actually from a whole secret mystical family of Amaterasu-power-vessels, and had been conditioned to be such a vessel from birth. After being unable to cope with the stressful ceremonies and complete lack of free will she was subjected to, she ran away with her Kamiomi – who, like every other male in the family, was a servant, and has been in hiding ever since.
However, now of all times she is suddenly visited by another part of herself that was apparently sealed away during one of the old ceremonies; appearing to her as a third arm. It means her no harm, however…it only wishes to tell her that it had casually showed Kamiomi all of her reports without her noticing – including the one detailing how Amaterasu’s power was now within him. Which explains why Kamiomi is currently nowhere to be seen in the house, as he has returned to the shrine in Sasami’s place so that she can remain free…
Annoying as she finds him, Sasami realizes she can’t live without him – and not just because he takes care of her, so she embarks on a mission to ‘rescue’ him from the shrine. Which, of course, means going outside…something she is still unable to do. However, the Yagami sisters are eager to assist.

I just love her toy collection.

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You must admit, this would be very useful.

I try not to completely give away all the plot details in episode summaries but it was just so damn difficult with this episode because it felt like a million things happened and there was some kind of revelation every five minutes. So many revelations in a single episode was pretty unexpected for this series – not to mention so early on, so I really wonder how the rest of the plot is going to shape up. (Especially considering I thought it was going to take Sasami a lot longer than this to be able to leave her house. We even end with Sasami preparing to go to school, looking amazingly motivated…but who knows how long that will last.)
Tsurugi being the actual Amaterasu (and the other Yagami sisters being parts of her) was pretty left-field, and probably the biggest revelation of the episode. It also does explain some of the mysteries about them so far – why they know Sasami and Kamiomi so well, for example. And yet there’s still so much we don’t know about them at all. I expect the rest of the episodes will be fleshing them out some more – at least I really hope so,  because this one definitely made Tsurugi seem a whole lot more interesting and she’s really quite the contender for my favourite character.
Speaking of revelations that make other things in the series so far make sense, I didn’t actually expect there to be any deep reason between Kamiomi’s doting adoration or siscon tendencies, but there you go. He’s merely doing what he was brought up to do – serving one of the women of a household that has no problem with (and often frequently resorting to) incest. Even his habit of covering his face – previously assumed to be a sight-gag, has a reason behind it.
Three episodes in but this series is still as unpredictable as it was to begin with, and I think that’s its strongest point. I still have no idea where its going or what it’s doing, but my curiosity grows and grows.

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I like her more and more.

Always torn between really liking Tama’s fashion sense and really not liking Tama.

Out of 5,