Late review!  But in my defense, I had a wedding to attend and then got smacked with the cold bug for a double whammy.  I’m feeling a bit better now, so here’s a somewhat shorter-than-usual review for Kotoura-san!



It’s been a week since Kotoura ran away, and Manabe seems to have reverted back to his old self.  Seeing this, Yuriko angrily drags him back to the clubhouse where she and Daichi manage to motivate him to continue searching for Kotoura.  They end up pinpointing her location to a small town, and are lucky enough to be able to stay the night at a shrine where the priest has known Kotoura since she was a child.

Kotoura actually doesn’t look that much different from when she was a kid, huh…

That probably isn’t something you should say outloud.

The next day, the priest brings them up to her grandfather’s house, where Kotoura is currently staying.  After a small chase, they end up reuniting with Kotoura, but she still refuses to return to the school.  As Manabe chases Kotoura outside the gates of her grandfather’s house, the two end up meeting with Moritani.  Turns out that she had arrived in order to apologize and to try to bring Kotoura back home for Manabe’s sake.  After the two girls make up, Kotoura decides to go back to school, though she is now much happier than before.


Manabe manages to get in one last jab at Moritani.

My Opinion:

This was a rather good episode, and I think the series has finally found its stride.  The first episode (as much as I enjoyed it) was extremely mood-whiplash-y.  It was almost overly dramatic in the first half and then just wacky antics the second.  While the overall consensus for the first episode was a positive one, the first episode also seemed to be greatly polarizing, with the people enjoying it really enjoying it and the people hating it, well… really hating it.  As another blogger put it: “it was like taking a bite of something sweet and then sour the next.”  The second and third episodes had a much more consistent tone, and this one seems to be the best so far in that respect.  Of course there’s still some wacky antics thrown in for kicks, but it wouldn’t be Kotoura-san without some slight humor, now would it?

This episode dealt entirely with Manabe and co. trying to get Kotoura back, so most of the episode was fairly serious.  Saying that, I did find the reveal of Kotoura’s grandfather’s true personality to be… extremely unnecessary and really creepy; but I suppose that’s typical for a series like this.  A lot of people had mixed feelings about Moritani’s apology.  Many felt that she was let off too easily after what she’s done, but really; what more could she have done to apologize?  She realized her horrible mistake, made a huge effort in hiring a detective just to find Kotoura again, and wanted to bring Kotoura back—not for her own sake, but for Manabe’s.  In the end, Kotoura forgave her, so I think we should too.  Maybe next episode we can finally see her true personality.

Overall, this is an episode you shouldn’t miss if you’ve been keeping up with new episodes.  If you already love this series, then you’ve likely already seen this episode.  If you’re unsure how you feel about this series, then this episode may make you like it and appreciate it more.  If you hate this series, this episode could help you change your mind or just make you hate it more.  As I’ve said before, Kotoura-san seems to be rather polarizing, so how much you like it is strongly “your mileage may vary.”  I’m enjoying this series so far, though; so I’ll definitely continue to review it.

Out of five:

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Kotoura’s group of friends have assembled!