As always, there are SPOILERS!

Looking an awful lot like Madoka there, Saki.


The Defense Committee discusses how the Giant Hornet goblinrat colony could have possibly been wiped out so cleanly by the Robber Fly colony.  Saki’s mother (as head of the Library) suggests that the rats may have had gotten some outside information from a False Minoshiro on how to build weapons of destruction.  However, Shisei, the main with the strongest powers in town, suggests that it was the work of a human.  He then alludes to the two teens that escaped the village many years ago: Maria and Mamoru.  However, Tomiko firmly states that the bones they received from the goblinrats were an exact match to the two, shocking Saki.

A memory from the past…

I looks like Saki’s parents are getting on in their years.

After this discussion, the Defense Committee puts out an order for the annihilation of the Robber Fly colony.  Hiromi suggests that the upcoming festival be postponed, but she is quickly shot down.  Later, at the festival, Saki and Satoru are enjoying themselves.  But Saki seems to be haunted by the ghost of Maria and ends up chasing it out of the village.  When she and Satoru return, they find that the Robber Fly colony has launched a last-ditch attack on the humans.  As the remaining humans are trapped in the town square, Koufuu and Shisei hold them off.  After Koufuu gets killed off by an assassin goblinrat, Shisei annihilates the rest of the rats in anger.

The calm before the storm…

Shisei is actually pretty good looking behind that mask! :0 I didn’t expect him to be blonde!

After that, the festivities are abruptly brought to an end as Saki’s village is now in a state of emergency.

My Opinion:

Surprisingly for a Shin Sekai Yori episode, lots of things happened, story and action-wise.  We get yet more revelations this episode, though I think they just ended up bringing up more questions.

We get a sort of indirect affirmation from Tomiko this episode that Maria and Mamoru are dead.  I have really high doubts about this, though Tomiko brings up dental identification that matched perfectly which is hard to disapprove.  Though Tomiko could also be lying to protect the kids, knowing that Saki and Satoru set up a ploy to hide their tracks.  At this point, anything could happen.

This episode also brings up the theory that a human might be working with the Robber Fly colony, which has been hinted at for many episodes already.  In that case, the most likely suspect(s) would be Maria and Mamoru, wouldn’t it?  But why would they try to destroy Saki’s village, as shown in this episode, if that were the case?  I suppose Maria might be trying to destroy their horrible society, which advocates killing kids if they don’t meet a standard.  However, there’s no confirmation that Maria and Mamoru actually had a hand in these attacks or if they’re still alive, so I guess I’ll just have to hang onto that theory until next episode.

Another new revelation (that wasn’t actually that much of a revelation) is that the humans, while having strong telekinetic powers, are still extremely vulnerable to physical weapons like guns and bombs.  This, along with their sheer amount of members, evens the playing field between the humans and the rats.  More and more Shin Sekai Yori seems to be heading towards an all-out war with the rats, with one of the races being completely wiped out.  Will it be the rats that survive, or the humans?  Since Saki is shown to be narrating the events from a time far in the future, I think it’s pretty much a given that the humans will win, but not without some severe losses in an already declining population.

Overall, this was a great episode that should not be missed.  Now that we’re slowly winding down towards the end, things are quickly picking up and the mood has gotten serious.

Out of five for this episode:

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Somehow, I feel that things will only get worse from here on out…