Saki and Satoru end up having to join with another small group as they try to hunt down the remaining goblinrats.  When they make a stop at the hospital, they find it blasted open, and seemingly no one inside.  A member of their group, a brash young man named Kuramochi, decides to check out the hospital by himself first.  When he does so, Saki and the others end up toasting a bunch of goblinrats who were waiting outside for a surprise attack.

The battle between four humans with ESP powers and a couple dozen Goblinrats. It ain’t a pretty sight.

After killing off all the rats in the vicinity, their attention returns back to the hospital.  Kuramochi still hasn’t returned, and there is a mysterious light on in the second floor window.  Satoru says that it can only be the work of an ESP user, so Saki, Satoru, and Okano (a woman from the new group) decide to investigate the hospital together.  They find yet more goblinrats inside, and Kuramochi dead.  Eventually, they find the room where the mysterious light was.  Inside are three humans, still alive though very shell-shocked.  It includes a doctor and another woman and man.  The man immediately takes off running, and gets burned alive outside—by a human ESP user.

Lots of nice dark shadows in this episode.

Can I just say, that while this is a really horrifying scene, the lighting is absolutely beautiful to look at here?

The doctor insists that they must all run, because they cannot fight back against “him.”  This “him” is the person who ended up killing off all the people in the hospital.  Being unable to use their powers against “him,” the only thing they can do is to hide and try to find a way to escape.  The doctor promptly gets killed, and Okano decides to stay behind to look after the hysterical woman.  Thus Saki and Satoru are the only ones who are able to escape alive.  Now it’s their job to warn the villagers of this new Fiend, though they eventually find themselves being followed by that very same Fiend…

So this is what true despair feels like…

My Opinion:

Well, shit just hit the fan.

Shin Sekai Yori has been dark before, but this is the darkest it’s ever been, as we witness firsthand the true horror of a Fiend.  If you remember from episode 12, a Fiend is a human that has a predisposition to violence, and goes on large murdering rampages.  This is why the Death Feedback Loop was created and implemented into all ESP users in Saki’s village—to prevent another massacre from occurring.  But since this new human male doesn’t have the condition, it must mean that he wasn’t born and raised in Saki’s village…

Although the goblinrats are again shown not to be too terribly deadly to the humans when they are prepared, the humans in Saki’s village now have a much more troubling development to be worried about.  In the past, they have been able to decimate anything (non-human) that got in their way simply by using their ESP powers.  But now they are faced with the deadliest enemy of all—another human.  Because of their Death Feedback Loop, they literally have no chance against him.  Any attempt to kill the human Fiend will only cause them pain or death.  Perhaps this was Yakomaru’s master plan all along.  But who knows how long he’ll be able to control the Fiend?  If “he” can decimate hundreds of humans with ESP powers, then the rats would be no match for him.  I have a feeling that Yakomaru’s plan, while ingenious, will eventually backfire on him in the end.

Overall, one of the more intense episodes of Shin Sekai Yori yet.  I was actually sad to see it end because I want to know what happens next.  I get the feeling that Saki and Satoru will last another episode, but the same can’t be said for Saki’s village…

Out of five for this episode:

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(And yes, I know that the Fiend is probably Maria and Mamoru’s kid by now; you guys don’t have to tell me anymore.)