Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 4 and 5

Ariana here!  Moeronpan has been pretty busy lately, and hasn’t had the time to do reviews.  So here’s a belated batch review of Sasami-san@Ganbaranai from me.  I’ll try to keep in Moeronpan’s review style (meaning really vague episode summaries), but obviously there will still be some SPOILERS.

The hell is up with that suit of armor

Episode 4:

Sasami comes home from school one day feeling extremely tired.  The house is strangely empty, except for a mysterious DVD in her brother’s room.  Curious as to its contents, Sasami plays the DVD.  And then things start getting strange.  The DVD is a recording of her and what she did that day, as filmed by the Yagami sisters.  It appears that she spent the afternoon running some errands for Tsurugi, though she doesn’t remember doing anything like that at all.  On the DVD, she eventually makes her way to an anime and manga shop, and things somehow manage to get even crazier from there.  After watching the DVD, “Sasami” makes a startling realization…

Kagami being cute is a required screen-grab.
Wow Kamiomi, you sure are blunt.
You get bonus points if you recognize what this is a reference to.

Although I was worried about the direction that this series would take after doing that BIG REVEAL in episode 3, episode 4 proved that there’s still much more story to be told about Sasami’s life.  I admit, I did find the first part of this episode to be a bit boring, because I didn’t see a point to it.  It was just Sasami running around and doing “perverted” stuff for Tsurugi’s amusement.  But by the climax of the episode, everything came together beautifully, and the twist at the end was actually pretty clever.  I love it whenever an anime can pull off episodes like that, with a big pay-off at the end for watching all the way through.

Probably the only time we’ll ever see Sasami look that crazy.

We’re given a pretty good look at Sasami’s character here, and also get a brief look at Sasami’s family; namely her father–whose face is actually shown, gasp!  I guess that means men in the family can show their face after they’re married/have children?  (I wonder when we’ll get to see her mom actually make an appearance…)

Overall, this was a solid episode, and I don’t have too many criticisms about it.  It may be a bit dull in the beginning, but if you stick with it you’re sure to get a treat.

Out of five:

melon melon melon melon

Episode 5:

Sasami seems to be adjusting to her new school-life pretty well all things considered.

Sasami has never really had a “friend” before, and so decides to make Kagami her first.  Kagami is… less than enthusiastic about this, but nonetheless still reluctantly agrees.  However, it soon becomes rather apparent that Kagami is trying to push Sasami away.  Sasami is hurt by this behavior and eventually gets comforted by Tama, who claims that Kagami is actually really happy to have a friend.  However, Kagami has been really busy with something “only she can do.”  It’s only after this that Sasami finally understands why Kagami has been keeping her distance.

Said like a boss right after taking a hit from a falling LOCKER.
Sasami and Tama spend a moment together.
I’m not ashamed to admit that Kagami is my favorite of the sisters.

This was a very Kagami-centric episode, obviously enough.  Although she’s a robot (or part-robot anyway), she’s shown in this episode to have much more personality than first appears.  I was actually quite surprised to get a Kagami-centered episode so soon, but I guess it makes sense since she’s the only one out of the Yagami sisters who is roughly Sasami’s age (being in the same class with her also helps).  Either way, I was really happy because yay, Kagami!

Tsurigi and Kamiomi didn’t get much screen time in this episode, though we do get to see some Sasami-Tama interaction.  I don’t find Tama as annoying as Moeronpan does (though she does creep me out a bit at times), so I was feeling pretty neutral about her as a character.  But this episode bumped her up into “likeable character” territory for me.  I thought it was sweet that Tama tried to comfort Sasami.  But it was still really creepy when she was laying her head on Sasami’s lap.  I think I’d like her more if she actually looked how she acted… But anyway, I digress.

This episode seems a bit more somber than past episodes.  Sure there’s still some wacky shenanigans and crazy stuff going on, but the mood was much more subdued, probably because we’re dealing with a very subdued character: Kagami.  This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a bit surprising when you look at the pattern from past episodes.  Speaking of past episodes, it seems that this series has a similar set-up for each episode we’ve seen so far.  The show starts off with there being a problem or mystery; the mystery quickly deepens; then we’re treated to a battle involving at least one or all of the Yagami sisters; and in the end it’s shown that the problem/mystery was directly or indirectly tied to Sasami’s powers in some way.  With this episode structure, I just hope the series doesn’t become too predictable.  Since the famed anime studio Shaft is taking care of this however, I don’t think we have too much to worry about.

Out of five:

melon melon melon melon


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