Kotoura-san Episode 6

…Yup, this series still hates Moritani.


It is now summer vacation, so Kotoura and her newly found friends go back to her grandfather’s place to spend some time together and have fun.  In typical anime fashion, the group of teenagers explore a haunted (though maybe not THAT haunted) hospital/house; play around at a theme park; go to the beach to swim in the sea; and then light some fireworks at night.  All the while, Kotoura’s and Manabe’s relationship grows.  However, the sudden appearance of someone from Kotoura’s past hints at some possible future drama…

How freaking rich do you even have to be to create an ENTIRE THEME PARK dedicated to your grand-daughter???
Cheer up, Kotoura!
Oh god I don’t even want to know what dirty thoughts Manabe is thinking as he’s riding THAT thing…
This just in–Kotoura is officially a cat.

My Opinion:

Yep, it’s a beach episode, my most dreaded thing in any anime series.  Though thankfully the whole segment in Kotoura-san wasn’t too fanservicey so it wasn’t that painful to watch.

Once again, this was another episode where Kotoura and her friends are just shown having fun, which I honestly don’t mind.  Their personalities play off of each other well, creating a lot of natural-feeling comedy.  And as creepy as Kotoura’s grandfather is (and still is), his relationship with Manabe is pretty hilarious too.  I guess they’re what you call “kindred perverts.”  Moritani is still the “butt-monkey” of the series as punishment for what a bitch she was in the first few episodes; but I honestly am starting to feel a bit bad for her.  She’s definitely grown on me.  And at least it’s shown that she still feels REALLY bad for what she did to Kotoura.

If you were worried that this series might start getting a bit too saccharine now that we’ve entered this somewhat slice-of-life stage, then the ending bit of this episode should be enough to remind you that not everything is perfect for Kotoura just yet.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to see that person again so soon, but I always had a feeling that they would introduce that character when we were least expecting it.  And boy did I not expect that.

Overall, an enjoyable episode.  Even though nothing really plot-heavy happened, you should still watch it to see how Kotoura and Manabe’s relationship has developed.  And we get yet another new ED this time!  I wonder if we’ll get a new one every episode from now on?

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

This anime ships them and I ship them toooooooo

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