As always there are SPOILERS!

Do you guys know how hard it is now to find screenshots for this spot in the review that don’t completely spoil everything?


Saki and Satoru, through some cunning, manage to escape the Fiend that has been following them.  However, they later encounter a mutant creature that spits some black substance into the river.  Saki manages to deduce that it’s spitting out gunpowder in time, just as the mutant incinerates the river and itself, causing a large explosion.  The resulting explosion sends Saki flying, and she gets separated from Satoru.  However, the blast also ends up jogging her memory, and she slightly remembers Shun; though it is unclear whether she actually remembers who he is exactly.

The mutant creature looks like some weird hybrid between a leech and a tick. Either way it’s still really gross looking.

Saki remembers… or does she?

Saki ends up landing in a field of sunflowers, and is almost killed by a young boy from her village.  She and the boy travel together for a short while, and the boy explains to Saki what’s been happening so far.  It seems the goblin rats have launched an all out war on the humans from all fronts, and there have been many casualties.  Eventually, Saki makes her way to Sage Academy, one of the few buildings left standing.  It’s now been converted into a refuge for the remaining survivors.  Saki meets Tomiko there, injured though still alive.  Saki tells Tomiko about the Fiend she saw.  Although Tomiko doesn’t believe Saki at first, she eventually sends Saki off to the Temple of Purity, which seems to be the last stronghold for humankind.  Tomiko decides to stay behind, and officially makes Saki her successor.

This is the boy who we never find out the name of, who basically acts as this episode’s “the exposition.”

A village in ruins and blood spilled everywhere…

Tomiko, nooooooooo! D:

My Opinion:

We are now reaching the end-story, and there are still five episodes left.  Which means those last few are going to be a hell of an episode to watch.

Already we see humanity on its last legs.  It was fairly obvious that humanity was declining before, but the goblin rat’s attack on them isn’t helping matters.  Even if they didn’t have a Fiend in their midst, the rats seem to be doing a pretty good job of destroying the humans via the use of tactical warfare.  Also, the use of modernized weapons when all the humans really have is their psychic abilities.

A notable thing about this episode is that it out-right states that Yakomaru is just using his soldiers as pawns.   Which is really ironic considering the argument he had with Kiroumaru in episode 17.  In that episode, Yakomaru claimed that Kiroumaru was only using his soldiers as dispensable tools.  Gee, I wonder who’s using his soldiers like that now?

This episode also marks the last we’ll probably see of Tomiko.  It’s a shame because she didn’t get to appear in this series very much.  Did Saki ever take lessons from her?  Has Saki learned her secret technique to extend her life yet?  But the biggest reason I’m sad about this is that I rather liked Tomiko as a character.  She was the calmest and wisest of the council members, which is really refreshing when you have the other council members being so fearful of everything to the point that they start killing kids left and right.  In a way she was also like Saki’s grandmother, even though she was really Satoru’s.  I just like there being strong, older female characters in my anime okay.  It’s something that’s rather rare that I wish occurred more often.

Anyway, before I go completely off-topic, I have to say that this episode was a good one overall.  It continues the dark trend that Shin Sekai Yori’s story has taken, and it is definitely not one you want to miss for all the plot involved in it.  There were some moments of noticeable lower quality animation, though it’s fortunately only in a few scenes.  Based on the next episode previews, it appears that the situation for the humans is just going to get worse and worse.  …Great.

Out of five for this episode:

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